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Chilling UFO Mothership Caught On Video

A UFO channel known as the "UFO Institute" uploaded some eerie footage that is hard to deny something spooky is going on in the sky above Columbus, North Carolina. The video shows six lights in a V formation and it is filmed by a man who can be heard saying, "I would like to know what the heck those lights are."

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MUFON, or the Mutual UFO Network, took the video and archived the report labeled MUFON CASE: 91190 Columbus, North Carolina. Some commented on the video who live nearby where it was filmed such as Chris Lo who said, "I live in NC near there. If I see it I will shoot at it. I do not come in peace."

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2018 has seen at least 20 sightings recorded in North Carolina so far, and it is one of the top ten states for UFO sightings in America. The audio was released last week of two jet pilots reporting a UFO flying past them in the skies over Arizona. Theories for such sightings include that they could be an experimental military aircraft called the TR-3B.

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UFO enthusiasts believe such experimental craft with abilities far beyond normal aircraft exists at nearby Fort Bragg or Pope Air Force bases. Although the TR-3B has never officially been acknowledged, there is some convincing evidence that a craft that uses "anti-gravity" technology has existed since at least the 1950's but was kept classified

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Merk No. 22612 2018-04-08 : 01:02

Watched the video maybe a minute. I got tired of hearing him coughing in my ear….

I also think is fake as far as UFO. could be a plane.

Anonymous No. 22613 2018-04-08 : 01:12

I try avoid crap, but I stepped in this pile. /s

Rp No. 22616 2018-04-08 : 01:29

These look like the lights that were seen above Phoenix.

Anonymous No. 22621 2018-04-08 : 03:12

Someone on YouTube said these are probably his neighbors farm lights on a hill.. they might not be wrong but then there's the audio..

Anonymous No. 22622 2018-04-08 : 03:36

Funny how The Goldwater calls CNN fake news in every Trump story they write, yet they report on UFOs, and celebrity bullshit.

Anonymous No. 22692 2018-04-09 : 01:46

Smoking that choker weed

Anonymous No. 22756 2018-04-10 : 00:02

Super glue a bunch of sq. or triangle shaped aluminum balloons together. Add a few flashing Dollar store LED's , add a few streamers of aluminum foil and release. Sit back a watch the reports from observers roll in, and the Authorities deny seeing any thing on radar or etc… Total cost under $50 for the prank.

Scotty Wheeler No. 22955 2018-04-12 : 13:13

My stepdad said he saw a UFO in North Carolina back in the day out in the country in the woods or something but he's a baby-boomer I bet they were smoking bud or dropping acid. I think they smoked too much kind buds laced with acid in North Carolina, or North Carolina has a lot of UFO visitations; either way it's worthy of investigation.

Johnny Neptune No. 22989 2018-04-12 : 23:39

The only relevant part of a UFO sighting is: WHAT HAPPENS AT THE END? if the object just sits there, it's simply not good enough.

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