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Wild Video: Spear Fisherman Attacked by Shark

Sharks aren’t exactly the most territorial creatures there are. Regardless of the terrifying scenarios and images presented in such movies as Jaws, Deep Blue Sea, etc., the reality is sharks don’t usually go after human beings. In fact, they tend to stick mostly to marine life and if they do attack humans, it could only be out of a mistake.

They are no angels, of course. If sharks perceive that some humans could be a threat to them, then they will feel the urge to attack. It could also be that at the time of the attack or threat of the attack, sharks could be in a feeding ground, which could serve as a precursor to an attack.

There are also cases of shark bites being nothing but curious nibbles that sharks will give if they’re at that point where they are trying to decide if a human in a wetsuit is a seal or not. What is just a ‘nibble ‘ for sharks can cause significant harm and pain to humans, of course, because of sharks’ multiple rows of sharpened, saw-like teeth that can rip through many surfaces. Then there are those sharks who are attracted by blood, and they usually go after bigger prey.

Sharks can be vicious and dangerous when they are hungry, true, but they are not really the killing machines that they’re made out to be.

A spear fisherman was attacked by a shark and it was caught on video. The shark initially was hard to identify because of the shaking of the camera. There was a point, however, that its large figure was pretty visible. It was certainly huge enough to be a big problem for the said fisherman.

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The shark even managed to rip off one of the fisherman’s flippers in the initial attack from behind. Fortunately, it did not appear that the shark fully or ruthlessly attacked the guy. It might even have left him alone after a while.

Sharks are at the top of the food chain and as such have no natural enemies that see them as food source, aside, of course, from human beings. But because they’re at the top, sharks expect their prey to run, and not fight back. Under the circumstances of an attack, then, it is possible to shove a shark and even punch it in the snout, the gills, poke at its eyes, and get it to think that the human is not some weak and wounded prey animal, and that it is very capable of retaliating.


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Anonymous No. 22677 2018-04-08 : 20:36

Not scary. Sharks arent as dangerous as those Jaws hyped it to be. You can even swim with them.

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