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Scientists Develop Microscopic RFID Embeddable In Food

It's a transhuman world after all. Forget farm to table, we may be far beyond that into the stage of "table to toilet" with the help of edible graphene that would allow embedded RFID technology or other electronic applications to pass through us via our food. Nanotechnology is still in developmental phases (as far as we know) but with the help of laser-induced graphene (LIG) technologies, the concept of embedding food with electronic parts is right around the corner.

A team of researchers from Rice University is working with the LIG technology to put conductive identification tags and sensors on the graphene that could be hidden inside food. Chances are you've got at least a few items in your home from your cell phone to RFID tag embedded clothing that, unbeknownst to you, is tracking your every move and likely storing or transmitting that data to some server where eventually it will be fed into AI that could use it to further build your personal behavioral profile.

The technology developed by Rice University is still somewhat theoretical, the scientists' basic premise is that anything with the proper amounts of carbon can be converted into graphene. At this point, the team has managed a means to quickly create graphene foam with a commercial laser and inexpensive polymer film. The laser can be used to "write" onto the microscopic, cross-linked flakes of graphene to create schematic patterns fit for electronic purposes.

As far as mediums go anything from food to paper, cardboard or cloth could be embedded with microscopic RFID (or other) electronic technologies. For now, however, the scientists are trained on the idea of using food:

<blockquote>“Very often, we don’t see the advantage of something until we make it available,” said Tour. “Perhaps all food will have a tiny RFID tag that gives you information about where it’s been, how long it’s been stored, its country and city of origin and the path it took to get to your table.”</blockquote>


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