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What Do We Know About Jeffrey Epstein's Judge David Hafele

What do we know about Jeffrey Epstein? We know that he is a convicted sex offender with a propensity for underage girls. We know that he has powerful friends. We know that great lengths have been gone to keep the court documents free from public scrutiny. We also know that the presiding judge is one Donald Hafele.

But who is Donald Hafele? Well, he is the man who pushed back Epstein's trial in November for one in the following order:

“Under the circumstances of this unusual and relatively complex case, the court finds that there are simply too many significant, lengthy motions that are pending and need to be heard prior to December 5, 2017, the date that the trial was originally scheduled to commence."

He is also the man who seems hellbent on protecting the serial child abuser who has already negotiated a "controversial non-prosecution agreement" (that <a href="">extends to his "co-conspirators"</a> by the way) that allows him to plead guilty to the charges of soliciting prostitution and procuring a minor for prostitution. The dozens of other young girls Epstein abused will be able to file civil lawsuits against Epstein. Meanwhile, during the stead of his "incarceration" Epstein enjoyed a fairly open door policy.

Hafele is also dead set on making sure Mr. Epstein's name is secured throughout the case. He has said he will not allow any graphic testimony entered into the record, for one and has also warned attorney Jack Scarola that <a href="<a href="">in addition to limiting evidence that can be used against Epstein</a> that, “I don’t want this to turn into whether Jeffrey Epstein is a serial child molester."

Heaven forbid we call a spade a spade. Meanwhile, where has Mr. Epstein been all this time? According to the Palm Beach Post "now spends most of his time on his private island in the U.S. Virgin Islands." Convenient considering most of the abuse of the sex slaves occurred on his private jets (Lolita Airline) and his islands (Lolita Island).

If you do the least amount of digging into Hafele you'll see that many Floridians were more than a little perturbed when he was, for whatever reason, appointed to the 15th Circuit court. <a href=""></a> (Gossip central online) featured multiple users who had their say:

<blockquote>Charlie Crist receives a name from a local attorney, who was appointed by Crist to find judges for the 15th circuit. This attorney who is located on Palm Beach Lakes, is not honorable in anyway. He is more dishonest and in some hallways of the courthouse, called an Anti-Christ. This attorney who appoints friends of his to the court system, lives in Flamingo Park. This attorney has problems with the local church nearby his home, because he does not like black people and the noise they make during service. But this attorney is working for Charlie Crist on finding judges for the 15th circuit. This attorney is one dumb Gator, but his day will come and he will be will known to everyone of what he and his law firm is really like. Of all the dishonest attorneys out there, this one tops the list of going straight to Hell once he has his last breath on this earth. As for not liking black people, this attorney will have to get use to Obama. </blockquote>

<blockquote>It is obvious that several posters here are in judge awful's pocket. I have personally observed the "judge's" biased acceptance of testimony from those whom he had business relationships. The reasoned arguements and testimony of an honest and hardworking citizen was ignored over that of an incarcerated inmate. BTW the "judge" allowed an uneducated process server whom he knew to act as counsel for the defendant.</blockquote>

<blockquote>This appointment ensures that I will never spend any significant amount of money or time in the state of Florida ever again. I have had first-hand experience with Donald, and found him to be an abusive, unethical, ego-maniac. Check with the Florida bar, and you'll find the same. Thank you Charlie Crist for revealing your poor judgement, and making my decision to buy a house in California that much easier!</blockquote>

Meanwhile, there's the scandal reported in the Sun Sentinel in 2005 before he was honored with the bench seat for the 15th US Circuit court.

<blockquote>The judge tapped to preside over the inquest into the shooting death of black Delray Beach teen by a white police officer removed himself from the case Wednesday amid questions about his ties to attorneys involved in the hearing.</blockquote>

It's also interesting to note the connection between Judge David Hafele and Charlie Crist. Crist was connected to the $1.5 billion Ponzi schemer David Rothstein who said the key to his success was "wooing" politicians like Governor Crist and Senator John McCain. Rothstein says he used his bankroll to "curry favor with politicians, lawyers, bank presidents and cops to create the aura of respectability" necessary to enact his confidence scheme.

<a href="">He describes a "quid pro quo" relationship with Crist</a> that involves the Governor doing favors for him. Rothstein says one of the "favors" Crist returned was consulting with the Governor in regards to his official duties with the Judicial Nominating Commission.

<blockquote>After Crist appointed him, he said he would regularly consult the governor on which of the applicants should get the nod. When the search committee selected finalists, Rothstein said he made sure those Crist wanted were on the list.

Further, he said, he talked to Crist about who the governor should appoint to vacancies on the Broward County bench. He urged Crist to appoint those he believed would make favorable rulings for his law firm once they donned their judicial robes.</blockquote>

So, in other words, we <i>know</i> that many of Crist's appointees were appointed not for their integrity, but rather for their lack of ethics and willingness to be bought off? Suddenly Hafele's willingness to look the other way in defending a monster makes so much more sense.

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Anonymous No. 22671 2018-04-08 : 16:17

To answer the headline. Cause the judge is a kiddy diddler as well?

Anonymous No. 22675 2018-04-08 : 20:05

"Epstein, who counts among his pals royal figures, heads of state, celebrities and fellow billionaires, spent 13 months in prison and home detention for solicitation and procurement of minors for prostitution. "

Bill Clinton part of that group and was list as a passenger on several flight on this jet.

Anonymous No. 22681 2018-04-08 : 20:40

Interesting read there! Keep it up, man!

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