By: Savannah Smith | 04-10-2018 | News
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Bizarre Video: Colombia Woman Caught Dying Her Hair While Inside Public Bus

A bizarre video of a woman on a bus in Colombia is going viral, triggering both shocked and amused comments from social media users. It’s because the woman was recorded doing the unlikeliest of things inside a moving bus- dying her hair as if she were just at home or in a beauty parlor.

The video recorded in Bogota caught the woman sitting in an aisle seat with no one beside her. Then she does the unthinkable- with her hair up in a clip, she started pouring liquid dye from a dark bottle and onto a brush. With her hand in a glove, she takes the brush to apply the dye to the left side of her head.

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She went on dying her hair, with other passengers seemingly unmindful of her unusual activity inside a moving public vehicle.

Some social media users who have seen the video clip could not help but poke fun at the woman, with one commenting with so much wit: “Did she commit a crime and needs to change her identity before the next stop?”

As unusual as the unidentified woman’s hair-dying activity on the bus is, it was not exactly the first time such a thing was done by someone while commuting. Last year, a young woman was also caught in a cell phone video casually dousing her hair with dye inside a Manhattan-bound 4 train seemingly making full use of her long public transportation ride.


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