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Facebook - 85% Of US Congress Members “Questioning” Zuckerberg Received His Donations

In the background of a possible multinational strike on Syria and an FBI raid on the law firm of the US President, one would almost forget that today Mr Mark Zuckerberg, the founder and CEO of the largest social media platform in the world Facebook, will be ‘grilled’ by members of the US congress.

Mr Zuckerberg’s robotic mannerism and his IT-nerdish look will be put under the microscope for the first of two days of questioning. But, as USA Today revealed earlier, with some 85% of those questioning him receiving donations via his company, we can probably all foresee that he will be let off rather lightly with a gentle ‘slap on the wrist’ sort of speak.

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In fact, Facebook, either via direct donations of political action groups, has given some $381,000 to 46 of the 55 members on the House Energy and Commerce Committee, the exact same group that will hear from Mr Zuckerberg.

Furthermore, most of the members of the house and senate that will question the Silicon Valley CEO have shares in Facebook listed as their current holdings, so it might not be a good idea for their own pocket to inflict too many harsh questions on the man in their sights.

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Mr Ari Ratner, founder of communications consultancy Inside Revolution: “Congress is theatre. More than what they are going to want to learn about the data lapses, they are going to want to inflict pain. They are going to want to be seen as being responsive to public disgruntlement with how Facebook handled the issue.”

Lastly, it is telling that Mr Zuckerberg decides to appear before US congress but not before the UK parliament (as he was asked) but rather sends a so far unnamed ‘senior executive’ which once again shows how the social media company thinks in terms of numbers rather than importance.

Mr Zuckerberg, during his apology over not being able to appear before the UK committee, stated that there were also elections in Brazil and India which he needed to tend to that were of utter greater importance to Facebook.

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Otherwise said, unless you are a country of 300 million minimum, you don’t really matter anymore for someone who controls the data of 2 billion of us, or, to use the words of author Mr Yuval Noah Harari in his book ‘Homo Deus’, soon the Silicon Valley algorithms will rule the world.


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Carl No. 22799 2018-04-10 : 14:44

I think that was pretty much right on point and on par as fair. I know Goldwater has gone into the double sided sword Obama created……… This "theatre," play will only continue to convince the American people that both Google and Twitter do the same thing.

Jack Dorsey, Eric Schmidt stepping down only a year after helping coin the term "fake news," and then the ensuing battle(s). Kids(pushed by pushy rude adults (libnuts)) March too ban guns not criminality, how about a march on Washington…… And this time it would be to protect our great President from these foreign influences….. God bless you all at The Goldwater.

Anonymous No. 22801 2018-04-10 : 15:02

Suckerface wearing a suit and tie. KEK!




If we can get people to refrain from using goog services, start using VPN's, watch youtube on hooktube, and stop shopping at amazon. Support local businesses instead of amazon. These businesses will flounder if enough people prevent them from tracking, bc that's how they get rich. We worry about our gov spying on us but for some reason a lot of idiots are fine with a private co spying on you and selling your info? I'd much rather have my gov watching me than a private co that is looking for $$ for your private info.

If you know the site you want, DO NOT goog it just type the addy in your browser and go there directly, every little bit helps choke the monsters.

Anonymous No. 22845 2018-04-11 : 07:38


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