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We Need Changing Attitudes To Combat Dangerous Legal Highs

Bleeding from their eyes and ears sounds like a Biblical plague or some strain of Ebola, doesn't it? It's not what you'd expect from something resembling your average, every day, common (excuse the pun) garden variety pot. That's because it wasn't. It wasn't marijuana (which, to my knowledge has never made anyone bleed from their eyes) at all. It was a synthetic cannabinoid laced product sold legally in Illinois.

In case you're not familiar, what goes by many names including "Spice" or "incense" is actually synthetic cannabinoids and the stuff is terrible. There are multiple brands using multiple chemicals or blends of chemicals loosely based on the structure of THC and other cannabinoids, but as per most weed smokers, the experience is not really similar at all. Much of it is damiana or some other smokable leaf sprayed with these toxic chemicals that smell like burning plastic when ignited.

Of course, the laws are always a step behind. As soon as one chemical is made illegal the Chinese labs that produce this stuff release the next-gen version which is generally even dirtier and full of side effects than the last. Blanket bans of any new chemical like Britain's New Psychoactive Substance act aren't the answer though. These kinds of bills make even harmless (or even benign and beneficial) things like certain herbs and ethnobotanicals and nootropics illegal.

Kava kava was public enemy number one for a time through the 80's and 90's until it finally became somewhat mainstream. Kratom is in its shoes right now and the fight for cannabis' legality is still an ongoing struggle. When it comes down to it though, there are dozens of herbs and other products that may be as effective as dangerous and addictive pharmaceuticals that may better suit consumers.

Even as far as recreational goes, there's no doubt that marijuana in moderation is likely safer by certain ingestion routes than, say hard liquor or heavy boozing in general. Blanket bans would not only nix the use of many herbs and nootropic compounds but may also result in stifling research into emerging chemicals and compounds. In the end, it may take time for education to result in shifting attitudes before we really begin to solve this problem.

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Anonymous No. 22862 2018-04-11 : 11:27

With Chicago being so liberal and always setting is own direction and Laws over the state of Illinois. They why don't they just declare any in possession of 1/2 a OZ of organic weed is not to be arrested unless related to another offense like DUI. Then pass a far reaching city ordnance stating any Non-Organic Weed is a violation or nature and a felony. (humor)

Anonymous No. 22923 2018-04-12 : 03:55

oh wow name sounds familiar!!

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