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Second Exodus From Channel Awesome Since Last Week

Channel Awesome is still notably silent despite a second exodus of performers from the website and YouTube channel. In case you didn't read our last story, to catch you up, this all started when Allison (Lupa) mentioned no longer being friends with Doug (That Guy With The Glasses/Nostalgia Critic). This resulted in several former members of the team opening up about their various complaints. The end result was a publicly shared Google doc that compiled issues from mismanagement, bad communication and lack of professionalism to misogyny and sexual harassment.

The CEO Mike Michaud seems to be one of the primary culprits, but the Walker brothers (Doug, the Nostalgia Critic and Rob) are tied in for the ride especially since Michaud owns the rights to the Nostalgia Critic name and character.

As mentioned in one of the TGWTG series YouTuber Mr. Metokur released last year, Obscurus Lupa was fired when she didn't respond to a Skype message within 15 minutes. Not much of a loss for Allison however, since she evidently was paid "in exposure." When the Google doc went public and the news ran all throughout Twitter Linkara, The Omega Geek, Diamanda Hagan, MikeJ, Todd in the Shadows, SFdebris and Seude all made their exit.

Channel Awesome made a formal apology (somewhat) but the result was deemed "victim blaming" and unsatisfactory by some of those affected as well as many fans. This kicked off the second spate of talent abandoning ship. The "second exodus" resulted in Nash, Surmsum Ursa, Film Brain, Shaun Kronenfeld, The Rap Critic, Rocked, Chris Stuckmann, The Dom, The Last Angry Geek, Some Jerk With a Camera, Calluna, Lucky Six, The Horror Guru, II Nelge, Brandon Tenold and Leeman Kessler parting ways with Channel Awesome.

We have reached out to CA for a comment and are awaiting an answer.


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Anonymous No. 22873 2018-04-11 : 14:16

literally who

Anonymous No. 22899 2018-04-11 : 22:03

Sorry means nothing to me…

Anonymous No. 22901 2018-04-11 : 22:20


That's the channel Alex Jones reruns play on.

Anonymous No. 22902 2018-04-11 : 22:21


No, you have it wrong. Jessica Jones, not Alex Jones.

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