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The Gun Bed Stores Your Firearms Within Arms Reach

Okay, so you've purchased your first shotgun for home defense but what now? What if you are lying in bed asleep and awake to see a masked intruder breaking into your bedroom window? Reaching under the bed or traveling the several steps to your closet to retrieve your shotgun may not be possible. So what good does a firearm do in an emergency if it is out of reach? That is the problem one man set out to solve after his friends were the victims of a violent home invasion.

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The result was a specially designed bed called the Gun Bed that provides simple, easy to access storage for your firearm that is within reach while you sleep. Just reach back and push the hideaway panel at your headboard and out comes your shotgun. The Gun Bed even comes in four different models of the bed frame to fit your home's style.

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It all started around midnight when a man and his wife woke up one night being tapped on the head with a crowbar. The couple live in a neighborhood in Southern Michigan and began noticing strange activity such as people prowling around the neighborhood. One night, the couple went to bed but were awakened a couple hours later. When they woke up to there were two men standing above the couple in their bedroom and one of the intruders had a revolver.

The two home invaders then ransacked the bedroom looking for another gun so they could both be armed and ensure the homeowners wouldn't surprise them with anything. Next, the two robbers demanded access to the couple's safe but the couple refused. The two men proceeded to beat the couple over the next 7 hours before they finally gave in and surrendered the combination to the safe.

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This is the exact type of situation that the Gun Bed seeks to remedy, and if you don't think home invasions are common, think again. The Department of Justice found, "An estimated 3.7 million burglaries occurred each year on average from 2003 to 2007. A household member was present in roughly 1 million burglaries and became victims of violent crimes in 266,560 burglaries."

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Many people choose to keep their firearms in the closet or under the bed, but in a situation such as the home invasion described above, there was really no chance for them to reach their firearm even if they did have one. The gun bed allows you to safely store and easily access your firearm all while never getting out of bed.

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