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Egypt - Navy Foils Iranian Smuggling Attempt Of 1,200 Kg Of Heroin

The Directorate General for Drug Control, in coordination with the competent security services, succeeded in thwarting the entry of the largest quantity of heroin drug through the Red Sea waters in Safaga city, which amounted to 1200 kilos, worth about 10 billion pounds, inside an Iranian natural compound in Safaga waters south of the Red Sea. The officers of the General Directorate for Drug Control in South Upper Egypt, headed by Colonel Marwan al-Issawi, received information that a group of smugglers had brought a large quantity of heroin through the waters of the Red Sea.

The information was presented to Major General Ahmed Omar, Assistant Minister of the Interior for the Drug Control and Organized Crime Sector, and General Zakaria Al-Ghamra, Director of the General Directorate for Drug Control, who issued instructions to prepare the necessary ambushes after taking legal action to arrest the accused.

After the confirmation of the information, the procedures were tightened and a team of officers of the General Administration for Drug Control was formed under the supervision of Major General Majid Al Samra, Deputy Director General of Drug Control, Brigadier General Wael Al Zahar, Deputy Director General of Combat, Brigadier General Ihab Khaled Fath Al Bab, , Major Yasser Saqr, Major Alaa Hajjaj and Major Hazem Al Sheikh, officers of the General Directorate for Drug Control, in coordination with the competent security services.

The officers of the public administration were able to seize an Iranian boat 40 nautical miles inside the Egyptian territorial waters, inside it 1200 kilo of heroin estimated at 10 billion pounds, with 5 people all from Pakistan. All of them were seized and the quantity smuggled after the exchange of fire with the forces in charge of Seizing .The seizure and the accused were held, and the necessary legal proceedings were taken against the incident and the prosecution was informed of the investigation.


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Anonymous No. 22939 2018-04-12 : 08:29

god damn!!!

Anonymous No. 22942 2018-04-12 : 09:15

Oy vey that belongs to the cia goys

Will No. 22944 2018-04-12 : 09:19


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