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Brawling, Guns Pulled at Atlanta Chic-Fil-A (Video)

Some people go absolutely insane over high quality, freshly cooked chicken, and investigators in Atlanta say that's exactly what happened at a local Chic-Fil-A earlier this week where two women were involved in a violent confrontation, one of them even brandishing a gun.

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Police say that they were called to the Chic-Fil-A Glenwood Place restaurant on 401 Bill Kennedy Way SE just after 9:30 AM on Wednesday, with eyewitnesses giving reports of two females violently fighting, and one of them having a firearm.

When arriving upon the scene, authorities couldn't locate either of the two suspects, but several eyewitnesses had captured the entire incident on film.

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Shortly after police began to scour through the footage of the two women, they would receive an additional call from a female on Eloise Court who said she was one of the two females involved in the altercation at Chic-Fil-A.

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Authorities then spoke with both the suspect, and the victim, at which time the female who had the firearm as 24-year-old Vonshay Redding, who confessed that she and the victim had a prior history of anguish between the pair.

At that time, police searched Redding’s vehicle and located the firearm which also matched the weapon as described by witnesses and seem in footage of the incident.

Both Redding and the victim reportedly had visible lacerations on their bodies, although both refused medical treatment.

Redding was arrested for aggravated assault and transported to jail, with the potential for additional charges for brandishing a firearm, according to<a href=""> WSB-TV</a>.

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Anonymous No. 22977 2018-04-12 : 22:09

This is why the left doesn't want blacks to have guns but won't say it.

No big surprise No. 22979 2018-04-12 : 22:16

Looks like BLM now means Black Losers Mauling

Anonymous No. 22980 2018-04-12 : 22:20

That monster must be used to getting guns stuffed into her face. Not even a flinch. wow!!

Johnny Neptune No. 22988 2018-04-12 : 23:24

The real question here is "WTF @ CHIC-FIL-A ??!!" niggers don't eat at Chick-fil-A they go to Church's or Popeyes, but not whitey CHIC-FIL-A

Anonymous No. 22997 2018-04-13 : 00:48

bad ass bitches!

Fish Stick Guy No. 23010 2018-04-13 : 03:05

Their chicken is to die for!

Not saying No. 23080 2018-04-14 : 01:55

WTF.. Sorry and then Blacks wonder why we look at them the way we do .. they are so uncivalized it aint even funny and of course a black person at a chicken place say it aint so lol lol

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