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Manhunt in Alabama for Muslim who Murdered Elderly Woman and Held Couple Hostage

Law enforcement in Harvest, Alabama say they're actively engaged in a manhunt for a black Muslim man who they say murdered his landlord just two days after she evicted him from his home in Pinellas Park.

The suspect in the homicide is 45-year-old Siddeeq Ma'Shooq, who also goes by the alias of Steven Brooks, according to police, and he's believed to have migrated to the area from St. Petersburg, Florida.

Detectives say that 59-year-old Caroline Morton-Hicks was shot to death outside Pinellas Park City Hall, just after she'd finished a performance at the Pinellas Park Performing Arts Center with the city's orchestra group when she was approached by Ma’Shooq, who was brandishing a firearm.

Eyewitnesses say that Ma’Shooq began screaming profanities at Morton-Hicks, at which time he pulled the weapon, and in response, she attempted to run away from the deranged criminal.

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Despite her attempts to flee the danger of the armed Muslim man, he opened fire, killing Morton-Hicks instantly, according to<a href=""> WTSP Channel 10 Local News</a>.

It's believed that just two weeks prior to the murder of Morton-Hicks, she'd evicted Ma’Shooq from his residence, and he had held a personal vendetta against the woman.

Law enforcement had investigated the homicide but was unable to locate Ma’Shooq until earlier this week.

This past Wednesday night, Ma’Shooq was reported as spotted in Alabama, at which time he broke into a residence and held an elderly couple hostage inside of a Madison County, Alabama home, demanding their valuables and cash, and was engaged in an armed standoff with the Madison County Sheriff's Department, according to<a href=""> WTSP</a>.

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Somehow during the standoff, Ma’Shooq was able to escape the scene on foot and evade the Sheriff's Deputies.

As of this time, there's an active manhunt ongoing across the region for Ma’Shooq, who's described as being an average built the black man that's both armed and dangerous.

US Marshals have also been called in to assist in the search for Ma’Shooq, and authorities are asking for anyone in the public who may have information as to the dangerous criminal’s whereabouts to contact police by calling your local 911 and/or send an email directly to the US Marshals at [email protected]. You can also call the direct phone number to the primary headquarters in Washington DC at 1-202-307-9100 or find the contact information for someone in your district at the <a href="">U.S. Marshals Service District Office Contact Information page</a>.

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