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Atlanta - Woman Accuses Co-Worker of Poisoning Her

A woman told Athens-Clarke County Police that she disciplined an employee in her office, and one day after that she said she got sick. She shared to the authorities that she has reasons to believe that she was poisoned with the coffee creamer.

The victim said she got sick almost immediately after drinking her coffee at the office. And she said the strange incident happened not once, but twice.

The woman said that the first incident happened on March 30. A week after, a similar thing happened to her. She started vomiting on April 6 right after she drank coffee in the office, again using the suspicious creamer.

The victim sought treatment at Athens Regional Medical Center and then from there called the police to report her suspicions.

She told the investigating officer that she felt even more violently sick during the second incident compared to the first.

The woman works in the Athens housing development.

The authorities at this point say they can not conclude yet if the woman was really poisoned or something else made her sick. They are not yet certain that there is a crime and no charges are being pressed yet.

The authorities took the coffee creamer into evidence for testing. The woman says only she and the employee she’s suspecting have access to the said coffee creamer.

Police spokesman Epifanio Rodriguez said an investigator has been assigned to the case for further probing and that they will also wait for the results of the lab test for the creamer in question.

It is not clear if the office has CCTV camera, and if the coffee corner can be accessed by the cameras, assuming there are surveillance cameras indeed. It is also not clear if the employee has been invited for questioning.


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Johnny Neptune No. 23049 2018-04-13 : 15:06

Once again, the Filipino Prostitutes that Jim Watkins hired to compile the nonsensical 'news' at The Goldwater got it wrong… Who would've guessed, huh ??… This bullshit story is titled 'ATLANTA', but the bullshit article talks about an alleged incident that happened in ATHENS, Georgia, not Atlanta. You Filipino 'people' are so stupid. Jim, you suck

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