By: Savannah Smith | 10-19-2016 | News
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Trump Unveils His Proposed Ethics Reform Package Amidst Hillary's Unethical Behavior

Out to prove that he is beyond mere criticizing and eager to further differentiate himself from Hillary Clinton whose trustworthiness and ethical practices have been questioned in light of Wikileaks emails related to her, Donald Trump presented an ethics reform package to better fight corruption in government.

On top of his proposed reform package should he win the White House, Trump vows to push for constitutional amendments that will pave the way for congressional term limits. Trump supports a term limit of 6 years for Congress and 12 years for the Senate.

Trump said that instituting term limits at the federal level would greatly help break the cycle of corruption that has always negatively impacted Washington. The Republican nominee shared his belief that such limits for elective officials would ensure we will always have new voices for change, and consequently will lead to a government that works and functions properly for the people.

Trump also theorized that establishing term limits will not only be good for much-needed political reforms, but it can also lead to a healthier economy as he foresees an end to the economic stagnation the country is now suffering from.

The presidential aspirant also proposed the implementation of a 5-year ban on executive branch officials from lobbying the government for projects or other influence-peddling activities after they have left office. A similar ban would also apply to former members of Congress and their staff, still according to Trump's policy prescriptions.

Trump also took issue with the definition of " lobbyist" as he wants a clearer definition and law to erase all loopholes that former government officials use hiding behind labels as

" consultants" and " advisors", when in truth and practice, they are in fact, lobbyists. Trump also recommended the imposition of a lifetime ban against senior executive branch officials from becoming lobbyists for foreign governments.

" Decades of failure in Washington and decades of special interest dealings must and will come to an end.", Trump promised should he become the next U.S. President.

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