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Lib Media Attacks KY Governor Bevin for Calling Out Irresponsible Teachers

The Democratic Party in Kentucky encouraged school teachers across the state to engage in a planned walk-out from classrooms - in a protest that left students vulnerable and in danger - and the Kentucky Governor Matt Bevin has lashed out in response.

There's been an ongoing dispute in the state over wages and funding for local schools, in which teachers unions have demanded that the state increase taxes help fund, despite the state of Kentucky struggling for eight years under Barack Obama, and test scores being in peril.

In fact, in 2017 the<a href=""> Courier-Journal reported </a>that “JCPS test scores dip while Kentucky numbers remain flat, according to annual testing,” showcasing that the teachers who are demanding an increase in funding are simultaneously failing their students, unable to perform with positive results.

Many have suggested that when teachers of public schools continue to fail at the levels of Kentucky, there should be zero incentives for the taxpayers to see a hike in the costs, of which Democrats want to raise $480 million per year in burdens for working-class families.

Education is indeed important, <i>but when you're failing the students as teachers, you deserve no increase at the expense of taxpayers</i>, until you can formulate a new plan that actually works. Clearly, the current agenda of the teachers aren't working.

"We are flat," said state Education Commissioner Stephen L. Pruitt of the state's overall scores last year. "We've got to do something."

Commissioner Pruitt has also said he “sees it as an opportunity to focus on instructional methods and possibly the testing system itself, rather than singling schools out for poor performance,” but indeed the reality check of specific schools failures, at the hands of specific teachers, needs to be addressed.

Systems that would actually create change would be incentive-based, where performing teachers are rewarded, but of course, the teacher's unions stand in the way of this suggestion by Republicans.

As a result, Republican Governor Bevin vetoed the spending bill, infuriating the leftists of the teacher's unions, who then organized a premeditated walk-out in the response to the veto.

Dozens of school districts have to cancel classes abruptly across the state, leaving working parents with no alternatives but to leave their children home unattended, or risk termination from work from calling off.

The walkout has been praised by leftist media such as<a href=""> CNN</a>, who glorified this decision as if it were some form of empowerment.

The reality is, the decision was irresponsible, selfish, and arrogant of the failing teachers. Responsibility for those failures if Kentucky schools lay directly with the educators, but with liberalism not understanding the definition of the word “responsible,” they're unlikely to admit it.

<img src="" style="max-height:640px;max-width:360px;">

<span style="margin-top:15px;rgba(42,51,6,0.7);font-size:12px;">Credit: <a href=""> “Very Fake News” outlet CNN.</a></span>

Taking one look at the image from CNN shows exactly why the students are failing when you have far-left radicals overseeing the classrooms, a problem all across the United States of America in 2018.

The left-wing media, of course, went on the attack against Governor Bevin, who merely stood his ground.

Bevin condemned the actions of the teachers as being dangerous to the students, and the media have attempted to label him as being crazed for his words, without context, explaining how he's actually correct.

“I guarantee you somewhere in Kentucky today, a child was sexually assaulted that was left at home because there was nobody there to watch them,” Bevin said on Friday. “I guarantee you somewhere today, a child was physically harmed or ingested poison because they were left alone because a single parent didn’t have any money to take care of them.”

The power of the legislature, however, would override that veto with the majority of even Republicans standing against him.

That hasn't stopped the mainstream media from attacking though, which is what they do best, and they're becoming efficient at doing so in unison.

Overall, the bill would have increased taxes statewide by $3.3 billion, and as a fiscal Conservative, Bevin disagrees with this enormous spending.

The fact of the matter remains that these teachers are failing students. They can claim that's due to lack-of-funding all they like, but Barack Obama was President for eight years and those numbers didn't increase. The problem isn't the endless cash being thrown at the educational system, it's the teachers and the system themselves.

These issues need to be addressed in Congress, who need to build an incentive-based, nationwide system of encouraging teachers to perform. Without this, without giving intellectually superior Conservatives incentive to want to teach students, a typically lower paying-salary career, we'll continue seeing the cultural Marxist indoctrination from teachers in America towards our students, endangering their futures as the next generation of brainwashed Democrats are bred into society.

While Bevin’s words may have been stretched a bit to the maximum, his point stands as underscoring the fact that the teachers are irresponsible and if something had happened, this walk-out should have been held accountable.

The best solution is of course to homeschool your child, and use the proper social tools and programs for them to be around other children.

In reality, though, most parents cannot afford to do this by taking off work, and charter schools aren't available everywhere.

What's certain is that the public school system needs a “reset,” and whether that occurs at the national level remains to be seen, with Conservatives also preferring for a small government, it seems unlikely.

That being said, there's a serious problem in the public education system, so no doubt both sides of the political spectrum are going to have to unite in order to provide a better future for the next generation of America's leaders, as the current programs aren't working.

Solutions will have to be configured by both parties, but in our divisive society of 2018, that seems terribly unlikely, a dramatic shame that will only hurt America's children.

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Marie No. 23144 2018-04-14 : 22:14

Need to hold teachers accountable for the test scores. Teachers need to be tested yearly to see if the

Y are qualified to be a teacher, make parents accountable for their children, not the government. 😥most kids can’t read, nor do math with out a computer. This needs to stop. We are losing a very precious God given gift , our kids & wisdom.

Boris B. No. 23169 2018-04-15 : 06:29

GOP legislature condemned Bevins too. Don't see how the remark can possibly be justified. Confused policy discussion in this article as well.

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