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Google's New Gmail: Self-Destructing Emails?

Hillary Clinton might be interested in trying out Google's new Gmail service that apparently is set to feature self-destructing emails. Google is currently fleshing out the logistics of its new design for the web version of Gmail and images were recently leaked by TechCrunch. Now, the same tipster who leaked the new images has discovered an interesting new feature that will allow users to send emails that self-destruct.

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Creating a new email service is a difficult task that requires being compatible with all kinds of email providers and email clients, but that doesn't seem to be a problem for Google as they have now outgrown simple POP3/IMAP/SMTP protocols. The leaked screenshots show that the new expiring emails will work similarly to expiring emails in ProtonMail which make emails unreadable after a certain amount of time.

Users of the new Gmail service will find in the compose screen there is a tiny lock icon called "confidential mode". Checking this option will mean the recipient won't be able to forward, copy and paste, download or print the email. But what about good old-fashioned screenshots? When you click "Learn more", a new Google help article pops up but it only takes you to a placeholder currently.

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On the email receiver's end of things, the person was using the current version of Gmail and was required to log into their Google account again to view the confidential email at a separate link. It is not confirmed whether this feature will be compatible with non-Gmail users because of the Google account log in step.

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Anonymous No. 23191 2018-04-15 : 12:34

OK it self destructs on our end.

Question BEFORE OR AFTER Google gleans it for profile data?

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