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Watch: Bodycam Footage Of YouTube Shooter Hours Before Rampage

Video of the YouTube shooter who traveled hundreds of miles to shoot up the YouTube HQ before taking her own life was released in the form of Mountain View Police Department body camera footage. Officers found YouTube shooter Nasim Aghdam had been sleeping in her car just 30 minutes south of the company's headquarters in San Bruno, California.

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Officers conducted what amounts to a welfare check on Aghdam after she was reported missing by her family. They ask her routine questions such as why she left home, has her family tried calling her, and whether she takes any medications or not, but when officers ask if she wants to hurt anyone or commit suicide she stops verbally responding, looks away, and smirks. Aghdam told officers she wished to start a new life away from her family.

She said the reason for her excursion was that she and her father did not get along, and even told officers she had left her phone her family used to contact her at home and got a new one. When officers asked why she was in Mountain View, she explained how she was starting a new life away from San Diego. The MVPD explained why they left Aghdam alone:

"In this instance if an individual is cooperative and does not present any sort of threat, continuing to unnecessarily question or delay them can lead to an unwarranted detention. As such, our officers are constantly cognizant of this dynamic and in this context, look to strike the balance between investigative police work and maintaining the civil liberties of those that they contact. Based on our officers’ interaction with Aghdam, including the fact that she had answered all of our questions cooperatively and thoroughly, there was no legal reason for us to remain on scene questioning her."

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Only 11 hours after the MVPD talked with Aghdam, she opened fire with a semiautomatic pistol at the YouTube headquarters wounding three people before turning the gun on herself and.

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Anonymous No. 23183 2018-04-15 : 12:09

Do you have a permit for that unibrow?

Roger, she’s the unibrow-er!

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Anonymous No. 23203 2018-04-15 : 18:57

Cops SHOULD be profiling. Creepy arab-looking folks who are reported missing by family and found sleeping in their cars in parking lots should be scrutinized more and not be placated and treated with kid gloves. They should have asked permission to search the car and used some intuition after her response.

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