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Alo Yoga Takes First Steps To Resolve Scandal

A bit of good news on the Alo Yoga scandal front to report, Dana Falsetti and Alo and Cody have come to an "amicable resolution." In a recent Instagram post, Falsetti also apologizes for letting "frustrations and anger" get the best of her.

"Speaking out of hate helps no one. I posted the Instagram Story that ignited this in haste and anger, speaking too freely and loosely in a reactive way. I was single-mindedly focused on the pressure I felt to keep a secret from my students, colleagues, and paying customers. I see now that I was so focused on my position that I did not consider the consequences my posts would have for Alo, Cody, and all of their constituents, including my own colleagues. I am the type of person that can look at a situation and see how I could have done better. I saw my misstep and deleted the problematic post after a few hours, and have learned many lessons through this process. If I could go back and do it all again, I would do more fact-checking and seek a non-reactive path to expressing my concerns."

She also mentions not having completely understood the contract which did not allow her to disclose the relationship with Cody and Alo at the time she did in the initial Instagram post.

We are in touch with Kino MacGregor as well, she is still waiting for her issue to be resolved:

<blockquote> I’m not yet in the clear, but I surely hope I will be soon. In order for the issue to be totally resolved, there are a few more loose ends that need to be tied up.

1. They need to either take my videos down or let m buy my content back

2. They need to commit not to suing any other teachers that speak out in the future of Alo in a critical light

3. They need to drop the legal threats in various cease and desist letters that they’ve sent out

4. They need to address the FTC violations that they engage in by not asking their sponsored brand ambassadors to use appropriate verbiage.</blockquote>

It's good to see some action here in regards to Alo and Cody but these are just the few first steps. It will be interesting to see if they decide to enact some real change rather than just reacting to the heat being turned on.


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