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Recent FOIA Releases Expose Hubbard As Wannabe FBI Informant

If you're familiar with the life of Scientology founder L. Ron Hubbard, you probably already aware that he was no stranger to the FBI. Even before he enacted the wide-scale infiltration and surveillance of multiple government offices with Operation Snow White in the early 70's Ron had a penchant for reporting his enemies as potential communists.

Some recent Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) releases related to Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) files has L. Ron Hubbard offering to provide the FBI with a list of the members of the Hubbard Dianetic Research Foundation. Hubbard even offered the Bureau copies of their fingerprints.

This is believed to be related to his wife leaving him and accusing Hubbard of kidnapping and drugging her. An FBI memo from March 7th, 1951 blames Communists as “instrumental in driving Hubbard’s wife, Sara Elizabeth Northrup, to the point of insanity.” In the same memo, Hubbard plugs Dianetics as a means "to combat Communism."

The memo mentions certain particular "individual" Communists who had infiltrated the Foundation who practiced activities "of particular interest to sexual perverts and hypochondriacs." This based on an anonymous letter the Bureau had received warning them that the "Dynatic [sic] Club" was, in fact, a Communist cell. The letter warned that members of the Foundation planned to “make contact with perverts in Government employment”

J. Edgar Hoover personally wrote back to Hubbard offering thanks for the information but declining the offer of accepting Hubbard's circle's fingerprints. Despite this, the FBI followed up the tip that the Dianetics Foundation could be a means of recruiting for the Communist party.

The Attorney General also received letters from Hubbard explaining that it was Communists who had "wiped out a half a million dollar operation" he was running as well as wearing on his health and meddling with "material of interest" to the US government. In the letter, Hubbard claims he is "basically a scientist" in atomic theory and goes on to explain how he "followed this into the fields of human thought" and consequently "identified an energy."

Hubbard even claimed to be working on psychological warfare technologies for the Department of Defense, claiming that this was part of the reason the Communists were out to get him purportedly. Hubbard urged the Attorney General to help as "Dianetics is important politically" because "it indicates ways of controlling people." In the end, Hubbard asks that the Attorney General assist him in "rendering America a trifle safer for new sciences."

The FBI itself decided Hubbard was a "mental case." They also apparently found evidence contrary to some of Hubbard's claims related to his ex-wife's alleged kidnapping.


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