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Washington D.C. May Allow 16-Year-Olds To Vote In 2020 Election

The voting age in the United States is 18-years-old, any younger than that and you can't vote but Washington D.C. is looking to change that. By the 2020 elections, children as young as 16-years-old could be allowed to vote in federal and local elections. New legislation introduced last Tuesday by D.C. council member Charles Allen, a Democrat pushing hard for gun control.

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Alisha Chopra, 18, a senior at School Without Walls said, "I think people are getting excited about this, especially with what's going on in the nation right now in terms of youth leading social change. So I think that people are going to be very excited about it and want to get on board." The shooting in Parkland is still inspiring changes to legislation and now the students who survived the shooting are seeking to expand their agenda.

One 16-year-old Sophomore at Woodrow Wilson High School named Alex Shyer said, "We work, we pay taxes, we care for family members, we can drive, we can do so many other things. So, adding voting onto that isn't going to be that big of a responsibility. We can handle it." There is a difference between being able to perform menial tasks and actually being able to make a meaningful contribution to a national debate and young teens still can't see around corners to fully understand the consequences their actions have. Congress passed the 26th Amendment giving people 18 and older the right to vote in 1971 and in 2013 a city in Maryland allowed 16 and 17-year-olds to vote in local elections, but never federal elections.

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Eroding away at our constitutional rights more, and more, and more until a decade or two goes by and now all guns are banned completely and then one of these very student's, parents or brothers or sisters is killed by violent crime and you're left wishing you had a way to defend your family from evil. The right to bear arms is the people's last defense against tyranny and when the next presidential candidate comes along promising gun control and all the students are allowed to vote then another big chunk of our inalienable rights are dissolved.

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Anonymous No. 23383 2018-04-18 : 03:28

18-21-year-olds have already gotten more people killed and done more damage to this country than 18-21-year-olds with guns have done. So for the Left to accomplish its goal of Making America a Third World Country it needs this naive, brain-washable group to help them.

Bruce Eggum No. 23385 2018-04-18 : 03:40

Certainly, sixteen-year-olds should vote. They could well be serving our government at 18 and should have voted previously.

Anonymous No. 23405 2018-04-18 : 08:58

Liberal seem to want to BAN any one under 21, from doing just about anything. They are always citing Adult Maturity Issues as the reason.

Give the 12 to 18 year old are the TIDE eating, Condom nose stuffing generation.

I can understand why the Liberals want them to vote.

I see a move to make Xbox or PS4 box ownership a Personal Right and have the Government using other peoples $$$$ to supply them.

Steelhound No. 23738 2018-04-21 : 16:13

Anon1 These teens aren't brainwashed. They're probably more aware than most of you. These teens have been through enough and now they want change that will save lives. The right likes to offer up "thoughts and prayers" but never wants to do anything to curb the violence. If anything is driving us to third world status it's the right keeping people like brainless sheep talking about America f*@k yeah while the rest of the world leaves us behind.

Anonymous No. 23739 2018-04-21 : 16:30

No, actually you don't understand much of anything anon3. Trying to label all teens as uninformed because some behave foolishly is not giving them enough credit. And yet when it comes to adressing these issues what do conservatives do? blockade themselves behind the 2nd amendment like it was their diety. In fact what do conservatives offer as any meaningful response? smile and act like everything is okay because that's been working out so well.

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