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Facebook: No Opting Out Of Targeted Ads Despite EU Law

Facebook will require acceptance of targeted ads as a condition of using the platform despite a new European Union privacy law. The new law takes effect next month and will have a far-reaching effect on internet privacy. Companies that collect and use personal information without permission would be fined.

Rob Sherman, Facebook's Deputy Chief Privacy Officer will begin seeking European nationals' permission for how their data is used. Opting out entirely however, is still out of the question.

<quote>“Facebook is an advertising-supported service,” Sherman said in a briefing with reporters at Facebook’s headquarters.</quote>

Some customization of what information will be used will be allowed, but "all ads on Facebook are targeted to some extent, and that's true for offline advertising as well." Facebook will now use "permission screens" to notify in advance of information being gathered and will require a button to pressed to give permission in order to advance.

The screens will begin showing up on the Facebook website and smartphone app in Europe but will spread globally in the coming months. Interesting enough, like the targeted ad program, there's no way to "decline." Rather, there are the options to "accept and continue" or "manage data settings."

And if you don't like that, Sherman has an excellent proposition for you, “People can choose to not be on Facebook if they want.”


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Anonymous No. 23436 2018-04-18 : 14:52

Why are people still using fakebook??

Delete that shit and get on with your lives.

I am still waiting for GW to drop their Share this article with "f" come on GW lead the way and #deletefacebook

The more places that stop using it will propagate into normies dropping it.

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