By: Philip | 04-18-2018 | News
Photo credit: Daily Mail

Free Tickets To Mein Kampf Play In Germany For Swastika Armband Wearers

April 20th, Hitler's birthday, the play Mein Kampf debuts at The City Theatre in Konstanz, Germany. City Theatre is facing a bit of backlash after they offered free seats to anyone who would wear a Nazi swastika armband during the play. Anyone who shows up without the swastika would be asked to wear a Star of David.

The publicity stunt has led to a probe launched by German prosecutors. The theatre has defended the gimmick as a "social experiment" to show how easily people can be influenced. 50 people had expressed interest in free tickets for wearing the armband despite the fact that it is strictly illegal to display Nazi memorabilia in Germany.

Some members of the German-Israeli society called the publicity stunt "tasteless:"

"This marketing gimmick from the City Theater in Konstanz is unacceptable," a spokesperson for the society said. The play's director, Serdar Somuncu, hopes despite the "provocative" date for the opening of the play that nothing bad happens, but if so "we're definitely prepared."


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