By: Steve Dellar | 04-19-2018 | News
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Atlanta - QAnon Ponders Over Delta Smoking Engine Emergency Landing (Video)

Just one day after two Southwest Airlines flights got into serious trouble (one flight was forced to land in Nashville due to a bird strike, whilst one person was killed in a different plane when the engine exploded inflight killing a passenger, see our related coverage), an Airbus from Delta airlines which was en route to London and had taken off at 5.51pm local time, had to return to Hartsfield Jackson International Airport some 30 minutes after take-off when it declared an emergency.

The Airbus A330 apparently had problems with its number 2 engine. The plane, of which the engine was on fire by now, thus turned back to the airport around Stone Mountain and made a successful landing at 6.34pm.

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A passenger on board, Mr Aiun Nettles: "The pilot came on and said 'guys, make sure you have your seatbelts on, we got to turn the plane around, there's a fault alarm that came up on one of our engines and we'll be landing in Atlanta in about 7 minutes.'"

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"So, it was very calm throughout the entire process and you really could not tell what was going on until we landed back in Atlanta."

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"And as soon as we landing, emergency vehicles were there to put foam on the plane."

"Once we landed in Atlanta, if you're close enough to the right engine, you're able to immediately see a cloud of black smoke coming from the right engine."

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No one was injured in the incident which marked the end of an incredible 24-hour period for US airline companies.

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It was furthermore telling that the mystery source of information on the 8chan board known only as Q brought up the incident when stating: “Delta engine fire? Coincidence?

How rare are engine fires? Think logically.”


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Jayne No. 23489 2018-04-19 : 07:56

Wondering if all these plane malfunctions could have anything to do with the substandard steel we have been importing? The exporting country/countries (China or Japan???) lied about the grade of steel.

Anonymous No. 23495 2018-04-19 : 10:41

I know a lot of Delta Tech Ops people, having worked as a contractor in the past.

These guys are experts at spotting and fixing , not patching things.

But alas likely ANY airline mechanical staff , they can only work with the parts supplied to them by the Lowest Bidder that meets the FAA requirement.

Anonymous No. 23506 2018-04-19 : 12:55

Sabotage… I saw bad hardware in aviation decades ago. SHOULD NEVER HAVE HAPPENED AGAIN!

solanojones95 No. 23523 2018-04-19 : 15:50

Research FADEC. Ties into Uninterruptable Autopilot.

Remote controlled engine failure. The Cabal is terrorizing US airlines/people. They're pissed. They're having a conniption.

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