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Spiderman Window Washer Sentenced to 105 Years Molesting Infants

Law enforcement agencies first arrested an actor who posed as Spider-Man for allegations he raped a two-year-old child and other infants in Nashville, Tennessee - which led to a Homeland Security Investigation discovering he was using those children to manufacture and distribute child pornography on the internet.

The case begins in 2015, when 36-year-old Jarratt Turner, an actor who dresses as Spider-Man and visits children inside of hospitals, including the Vanderbilt Children's Hospital, where he worked as a window washer, was accused of using his friend's children to make child pornography.

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<span style="margin-top:15px;rgba(42,51,6,0.7);font-size:12px;">2015 Video from Fox 17 Nashville after the allegations of raping of a two-year-old case against Turner surfaced.</span>

Turner was alleged to be an extremely deranged pedophile, who would post the pornographic images of the children online with disturbing messages to accompany the explicit material.

On at least one occasion, law enforcement says Turner posted the child pornography with the caption, "I looooove (sic) little ones. I love little one's the most and hope you love them too,” as reported by local media affiliate<a href=""> Fox 17 </a>in Nashville.

Once Vanderbilt Police was aware of the allegations against Turner, they contacted Homeland Security Investigations (HSI), who later arrested Turner and sought additional victims.

That was the beginning of the case against Turner, who through investigations, was determined to have used his window-washing job over the years, dressed as the superhero Spider-Man, to lure numerous children into his lair of pedophilia to film child pornography.

Investigators say that Turner was indeed sick, and would specifically target children who suffered from cancer, or degenerative diseases, that sought long-term treatment in the hospital.

“It makes it even better if I can do my job and help some people out at the same time,” Turner said to local media prior to being charged with these disturbing crimes. “These kids are pretty sick and anything we can do to make their day a little bit better, I’m all for it,” he said.

Vanderbilt issued a statement claiming that none of the abuses occurred at their medical facilities, however, it seems that Turner did use the campus to attempt to coax children into befriending him.

“Turner was never an employee of Vanderbilt University Medical Center but worked for a contracted service provider washing windows in October 2014,” a hospital spokesman said.“To our knowledge he was never on our campus but one time. At the time of this individual’s arrest, Vanderbilt University Police Department investigated the matter and found no indication of inappropriate or illegal behavior by this individual had occurred on our campus and found no indication that any illegal photos or videos in his possession were associated with our patients.”

During the investigations into Turner's web of disturbing child pornography, authorities discovered that in both October of 2014 and May of 2015 he had molested two prepubescent children he was babysitting.

<a href="">The Department of Justice </a>wrote on their website that Turner took sexually explicit images and videos of the toddler girl on ten different occasions, and of the infant boy on six different occasions, while in his basement apartment in Nashville.

The sexually explicit material included depictions of himself sexually molesting the two very young children, who were between the ages of 12 and 31 months during this period.

After making these recordings, Turner distributed these images via the internet to other like-minded individuals and in an attempt to avoid detection of law enforcement, he only used publicly available Wi-Fi networks to collect and distribute child pornography.

With the help of a manager of a business where Turner frequently accessed the internet, law enforcement officers were able to identify the defendant more quickly.

Homeland Security investigators say that the entanglement of child pornography from this wannabe Spider-Man was used to share the disturbing images and videos with other pedophiles on the web.

The US Attorney’s office for the Middle District of Tennessee says that the 36-year-old worked as a window washer at the Monroe Carrell Jr. Children's Hospital at Vanderbilt in Nashville during the same time-frame he was molesting the other children.

Turner often would adopt the Spider-Man costume to lure the children, prosecutors said during his trial.

Turner was charged on June 1st of 2015, with 16 counts of Production of Child Pornography and Transportation of Child Pornography. He pleaded guilty to all counts of the indictment on March 20th of 2017.

He was sentenced by visiting U.S. District Court Judge Marvin E. Aspen, when proceedings finally came to an end on Monday, with Turner being sentenced to 105 years in prison for his crimes against innocent children.

“Children of this community are a little safer today with this sexual predator behind bars,” Homeland Security Assistant Special Agent in Charge Robert Hammer said in a statement “The fact he would film, and then upload to the internet, videos of himself molesting an infant and toddler, then take elaborate steps to conceal his activities, represents the extreme danger he posed to the community.”

This is just one of the numerous pedophiles that the Justice Department has prosecuted with the assistance of local law enforcement agencies and the Homeland Security Investigations (HSI) unit as part of<a href=""> Project Safe Childhood </a>.

“The sentence imposed by the Court should ensure that this defendant will never have another opportunity to inflict his perverted sexual desires upon another innocent child,” said U.S. Attorney Cochran.

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Johnny Neptune No. 23549 2018-04-20 : 03:00

"Once Vanderbilt Police was aware of the allegations against Turner"

Really ?… 'WAS' ?….

REALLY ?……..

You Filipino prostitutes that Jim hires to compile these stories are completely illiterate… Perhaps you should stick to the 'selling oral sex for a bowl of rice' thing, and leave the journalism for somebody who actually graduated high school…

Steve Jackson No. 23589 2018-04-20 : 11:40

Johnny Neptune No. 23549 -


But I wonder if the age old saying is true?

"Methinks the whiner doth protest too much?"

Anonymous No. 23598 2018-04-20 : 13:15


Steve Jackson, I love your Illuminati card game.

Oh, and btw, Johnny Neptune, "Vanderbilt Police was [etc…]" is grammatically correct FYI. For example: "On 5-1-15 at approximately 10:25 hours Vanderbilt Police was dispatched to the Law School on Vanderbilt Campus"

You complain about The Goldwater, but if you had any "investigative skills" yourself you could see from Red Pill's Twitter that he's an American.

Peggy Bundy No. 23781 2018-04-22 : 04:31

I can't believe you folks are arguing about the use of "was" in the copy when the headline makes it sound like the guy was sentenced to molest infants for 105 years.

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