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Federal Judge: Rosenstein’s Power Grant to Mueller May Violate DOJ Rules

A federal judge on Thursday offered his own doubts to the authority of Special Counsel Robert Mueller - as the rest of the nation watches the seemingly endless witch hunt against the President of the United States of America - and reports that Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein has told Trump he's not a target of the Cohen investigation.

A two and a half-hour long proceeding in court this afternoon for the former Chairman of the Trump Campaign, Paul Manafort, listened as a U.S. District Judge Amy Berman Jackson suggested that the full extent of authority granted towards Special Counsel Robert Mueller after his appointment by Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein may actually be more limited than most have perceived.

Paul Manafort’s defense team, led by attorney Kevin Downing, brought up the suggestion that in the appointment of the Special Counsel to oversee the investigation into alleged Russian elections meddling that Mueller was also granted the ability to investigate any additional findings that “may arise” from the initial case.

Downing argues that by granting Mueller such a potential power, it not only puts the Special Counsel at odds with the Department of Justice but that it would position one man to handle what should normally be under the discretion of the DOJ.

The Justice Department's rules clearly state that in the possibility of the appointment of a Special Counsel, such as what has occurred when Rod Rosenstein brought Robert Mueller in via an appointment, that there has to be “specific factual matter” described in the extent of the capabilities of a Special Counsel to Investigate.

This interesting perspective has went relatively unnoticed for many months, as Robert Mueller has wreaked havoc throughout the government, and reached into the personal lives of those close to President Trump, including the most recent targeting of-of Michael Cohen, that most believe, including several members of Congress, crossed a line in which should result in the termination of Robert Mueller.

The fact of the matter remains that until today's hearing, both Democrats and “never-Trump” Republicans have been touting the phrase “matters that arise,” as if it gives Mueller unlimited potential to do whatever he pleases and terrorize whomever he chooses to target.

“That’s a fair point,” U.S. District Judge Amy Berman Jackson said. “I don’t think that, as good as he is, that the Deputy Attorney General can see into the future.”

The additional mention of Rod Rosenstein seemingly shields the unpopular Deputy Attorney General from blame in the appointment of Mueller, however, the argument from Manafort’s defense must be addressed as a serious matter, that both the Department of Justice and potentially Congress should now consider reviewing.

The lack of specificity granted towards Mueller essentially means that he could choose to investigate anything he wants that's either related to President Trump or his Administration and that potential could interfere with numerous cases that the Justice Department typically would be the overseer of.

It's concerning that until today's hearing that this uncharacteristic definition of Special Counsel Robert Mueller's potential has yet to be reviewed by anyone, both in government and the numerous legal analysts and pundits who've claimed to follow the case closely.

As to whether the acknowledgment from Judge Jackson will have any potential benefit for the Manafort case specifically remains unclear, as he's already been charged, and is currently facing prosecution in a court of law.

Most Trump supporters aren't concerned with Manafort’s prior dealings, all of which he's standing trial for occurred long before his involvement with the Trump campaign, although the Democratic Party’s talking heads have tried to spin this as somehow being harmful or dangerous to the Trump Administration. It isn't.

Manafort faces an eighteen-count indictment in Virginia on allegations of bank fraud, tax evasion, and his failure to report his foreign banking accounts and interests. He's also facing a five-count indictment which alleges Manafort failed to register as a foreign agent for Ukraine, and money laundering.

The indictments date back to 2005 and end in 2014, two years prior to Manafort ever having been affiliated with the Donald J. Trump for President campaign.

According to Manafort’s defense team, Rosenstein’s appointment of Special Counsel Robert Mueller back on May 17th of 2017 in an official order exceeded his capabilities as Deputy Attorney General via the regulations put in place almost two decades ago.

Downing argued that Manafort was also interviewed by both the Justice Department and the Federal Bureau of Investigation <i>as a witness</i> against a former Ukrainian President, and that now he's being brought in for charges over what was already reviewed in 2014, leading to his agreement of being an informant for the federal government.

Mueller would revisit the exact same information, and use it to obtain a grand jury indictment against Manafort without disclosure that Manafort had negotiated terms with federal investigators three years prior.

Most legal analysts question how the Ukrainian matter can be pressed again by Mueller, and suggest that this will discourage future informants from cooperation with the federal government if they know the Justice Department will later betray their promise of protecting a witness.

The majority of the attorneys working under Robert Mueller have also been found to have made alleged campaign contributions to Hillary Clinton, showing exactly what kind of bias has occurred.

The entire case is a mess, and regardless of Manafort is a criminal or not, it begs to question how this matter is at all related to the alleged Russian meddling in the 2016 elections.

It's almost as if the Special Counsel, appointed by Rod Rosenstein, is a type of vigilante, underground Department of Justice unconstitutionally created out of thin air. If Manafort were involved in said crimes, would it not be the responsibility of the DOJ to prosecute the case from day one?

This means that the Democrats were able to bypass the Attorney General entirely, by creating this unelected, possibly unconstitutional figure of authority, through the appointment of one man, Rod Rosenstein.

The entire idea of a Special Counsel being able to commence to charging the individuals he's charged, and using political bias to take out powerful supporters of President Trump, is a modern-day witch hunt that's unprecedented in American history.

Not to mention the fact that the federal prosecutor in the case is a known Democratic puppet. Andrew Weissmann once cheered on Acting Attorney General Sally Yates after she refused to enforce President Trump's Executive Order for a travel ban, showcasing exactly where the interests of Weissmann lay dormant.

Those who are in-the-know of the Manafort-Ukraine witness situation from several years ago say that all of the finances of Manafort were reviewed several years ago, and there was little to no reason whatsoever to bring about charges until Special Counsel Robert Mueller formed a team of Democratic-loyal attorneys to prosecute the formed Trump campaign Chairman.

By definition, everything Mueller has done so far is, in fact, an endless<i>witch hunt,</i> and one that's motivated by political opposition.

Others call the case against Manafort merely a publicity stunt, much like the raid of Michael Cohen, designed to continue the news cycle of discussing corruption of individuals once close to Trump, all while avoiding the clearly obvious crimes of numerous Democrats.

While it's true that every criminal should indeed be prosecuted, there hasn't been a single Democrat investigated or brought in for interrogations if not prosecution from the Mueller team, further reinforcing claims of his apparent bias.

Manafort’s attorneys continue to press the fact that if there are flaws in the legitimacy of Special Counsel Robert Mueller, then it should be used to challenge rendering the indictment against their client as null and void.

I don’t know how they can violate these regulations and we can still be here and it doesn’t matter,” Manafort’s attorney argued. “It doesn’t make any sense.”

Judge Jackson gave a slight acknowledge to this potential to challenge the indictment, at least in appearances.

“It’s all happening within the Executive Branch,” Judge Jackson stated. “I want to know if these [regulations] are actionable at all.”

At the beginning of April, several DOJ attorneys handed over a copy of the memorandum written by Rosenstein in August of 2017 which details the alleged power granting to Robert Mueller as per his appointment to Special Counsel.

It's interesting to note that Mueller was granted in the memo the specific power to prosecute Manafort, in relation to his receipts of payment from the Ukrainian Government.

It certainly appears that Rod Rosenstein had planned long in advance to target Manafort, but why? Was he not supposed to appoint a Special Counsel to investigate the allegations of election meddling?

The reason why is because this is now, and always has been a witch hunt against the President of the United States of America, and those pulling the strings hope that their persecution of those close to Trump, and the threat of imprisonment, will allow them to flip those individuals to testify against Trump.

This is obvious, and with the recent raids and persecution of Michael Cohen, regardless of how you feel about him, it's crystal clear.

Mueller is merely the bulldog free from his leash, and the handlers have let him smell the scent of a Trump tie, and told the vicious dog to go and find him.

It won't end until Mueller is fired or Trump is prosecuted, or someone with courage who supports the United States of America's Constitution within the government finally intervenes and says “enough is enough,” Mueller is not a God, nor was he ever elected to run a shadow-Justice Department.

That's exactly what Mueller is doing though, and has the powers of every intelligence community and federal law enforcement agency at his disposal. It's a modern-day reinvention of the Secret Police of Nazi Germany.

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Linda No. 23537 2018-04-19 : 22:59

Stop these Savages trying to stop our decent president from .doing his job Lock the Criminals. Up

Francis L Morato, M.D. No. 23538 2018-04-19 : 23:40

Congratulations for a wonderful article!

Full of substance, clarifying doubts ……. Lovely indeed.

Thank you very much


Anonymous No. 23563 2018-04-20 : 05:45

Fantastic read. Thank you

Dennis Shampine No. 23574 2018-04-20 : 09:52

Great read! Thank you

Anonymous No. 23587 2018-04-20 : 11:32

Special Counsel investigations are a needed tool in the DC Swamp.

However we need to set rules, time frames and scope limits in which they are conducted.

ALL Politics MUST BE put aside and ONLY Justice applied. Congress must have a self imposed

GAG order also.

Richard Green No. 23625 2018-04-20 : 19:50

I have said all along that Mueller does not have authorization to investigate anything he wants. He needs to stay within the specified boundaries.

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