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Alabama - Poop Train Leaves The Station

A small Alabama town was glad to see a certain train finally ‘leave the station’ as the so-called ‘poop-train from New York’ finally left after being parked there for two months.

Parrish, Alabama, population 982, had a unwelcome visitor in a train from New York carrying sludge arriving in February of this year. The cart-pulling train sat idle near the little league ball field whilst parents rescheduled anything they could not to have to be near the place.

Mayor Heather Hall, who had turned the matter into national news claimed that the smell had become unbearable, especially so around dusk just when the atmosphere would become more heated.

Ms Hall: "Oh my goodness, it's just a nightmare here. It smells like rotting corpses, or carcasses. It smells like death."

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Residents who live nearby claim they would walk around with peppermint oil underneath their noses all the time due to the smell. Ms Sherleen Pike: “Would New York City like for us to send all our poop up there forever?"

"They don't want to dump it in their rivers, but I think each state should take care of their own waste."

Because of Alabama’s inexpensive land and permissive zoning laws combined with a temporary federal ban on dumping New Yorkers' excrement in the ocean, the train remained parked in Parrish for about two months, but luckily this week saw it’s departure.

<blockquote class="twitter-tweet" data-lang="en"><p lang="en" dir="ltr">We can do better. This is unacceptable: &quot;In Parrish, Alabama, population 982, the sludge-hauling train cars have sat idle near the little league ball fields for more than two months, Mayor Heather Hall said.&quot; <a href=""></a> via <a href="">@mgmadvertiser</a></p>&mdash; JL Levasseur (@jllevasseur) <a href="">April 19, 2018</a></blockquote>

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Mayor Parrish informed her citizens with great joy yesterday that the ‘poop train’ had finally left in the end, stating: "While what happened in Parrish was, to our understanding, an unprecedented event, there are [still] small towns like Parrish fighting this situation on a smaller scale,"

"I will say this over and over….this material does not need to be in a populated area…period. It greatly diminishes the quality of life for those who live anywhere near it."


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Anonymous No. 23579 2018-04-20 : 10:44

So where is it going?

Noc-Noc No. 23583 2018-04-20 : 11:08

Liberals are so full of it they now export it.

Either way, may I suggest that NY next time just leave it in the Streets and Subways where they collected it from to start with? ☺☺☺☺☻☺☺☺☺

Anonymous No. 23595 2018-04-20 : 12:45

New York would be a shithole if they didn't throw their shit to other states.

Anonymous No. 23614 2018-04-20 : 17:14

Just another instance of NY shitting up the country.

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