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James Comey on Donald Trump’s Out-of-control Behavior

James Comey, former director of the FBI, told BBC Newsnight that he doesn't believe anyone can contain Donald Trump.

In the interview, Comey said there is no one around him to stop his impulsive behavior. "We have become numb to it in the US," he added. He said: “I wake up some mornings and read the President is demanding the jailing of private citizens, occasionally me.” “That is one of the reasons I’m confident the answer is there are not adequate people around him to stop impulsive behavior.”

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President Trump isn’t a politician. That’s the first thing people need to understand. He speaks “to” the people and not “at” the people. Trump is “one of us,” and that is one of the main reasons he won the election.

Trump is the one person who finally called out the “fake news channels” for what they are. So many Americans were used to getting their information from the traditional news networks and believing that the information was sourced and, for the most part, true. The lights are now turned on, and people no longer take the news at face value. Trump was a wake-up call. President Trump has almost 51 million followers on Twitter. People watch for his tweets. He didn’t change how he was once he became the President, he continues to be “just one of us”.

<blockquote class="twitter-tweet" data-lang="en"><p lang="en" dir="ltr">&quot;I don&#39;t dislike him, I actually feel sorry for him as a person.&quot;<br><br>James Comey on <a href="">@realDonaldTrump</a>. <br><br>Full interview tonight 22:30 on BBC 2 <a href=";ref_src=twsrc%5Etfw">#newsnight</a> <a href=""></a></p>&mdash; BBC Newsnight (@BBCNewsnight) <a href="">April 19, 2018</a></blockquote> <script async src="" charset="utf-8"></script>

In the political sector, you have the far left that will only vote Democrat, big government to lean on, the far right that will only vote Republican, small government for security only, and then there is the middle that can be swayed. Those are the individuals that the parties seek out during election time. They are not loyal to one side or the other because they don’t vote based on their beliefs but based on the promises offered during the election. They also vote against a particular party due to the derogatory information spewed by the “fake news”. This is why it is so dangerous to send out information that has no merit. The fact check sites have all become left leaning as well.

If Trump stayed off twitter and we went back to having the traditional news networks, would the left be happy? I genuinely don’t think so. I think they thrive on the drama and seek his tweets out to stir up controversy.

Trump wants to succeed. He’s a businessman with an ego to boot. He will do whatever he can to succeed in his presidency.

<blockquote class="twitter-tweet" data-lang="en"><p lang="en" dir="ltr">James Comey Memos just out and show clearly that there was NO COLLUSION and NO OBSTRUCTION. Also, he leaked classified information. WOW! Will the Witch Hunt continue?</p>&mdash; Donald J. Trump (@realDonaldTrump) <a href="">April 20, 2018</a></blockquote> <script async src="" charset="utf-8"></script>

In the interview, Comey was asked if he disliked Trump. “I don’t dislike him; I feel sorry for him as a person.” “I dislike his actions, especially things like rule of law and truth.” Now that the memos are out, is this the pot calling the kettle?

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37 Comment/s
No one No. 23632 2018-04-20 : 21:08

Lol. Because comey has credibility?

Sneaky Wino No. 23633 2018-04-20 : 21:11

"the jailing of private citizens" - ummm, so you would prefer he jail politicians? I'm ok with that too! Seriously, WTF? Private citizens that commit crimes should be jailed. This guy is an idiot!

Goddessreb No. 23634 2018-04-20 : 21:14

James Comey is an asshat trying to once again pass the buck. Get off your high horse buddy, you are going to jail!

AynRandFan No. 23635 2018-04-20 : 21:30

New writer? Well done! What Comey doesn't understand is that @RealDonaldTrump is the most powerful broadcasting network in the world!!! Exposing hypocrites like Comey is a never ending, full time job. Good work!

Mona No. 23636 2018-04-20 : 21:40

Great article

Comey himself is so transparent-its his actions when he wasn’t a private citizen that’s the problem, and as pointed out he doesn’t understand a President that common people can speak to and he listens

Mike Siemasko No. 23645 2018-04-20 : 22:07

Great article Lexy. Think you're right on point. I sorta feel sorry for Comey because the real fall is yet to come and I don't think he can handle it.

Gladys Berger No. 23646 2018-04-20 : 22:20

Insightful, well written and for me right on the money. Keep her articles coming I am lo9king forward to them.

Anonymouse4537 No. 23647 2018-04-20 : 22:23

This is a great Article by Reporter LEXY!! She is a great writer! I follow all her stuff on twitter also… lexy@PoliticallyRYT !!

Regina Alexander No. 23650 2018-04-20 : 22:51

Great article! Trump is the news & the only way we can find out what's really going on his through his tweets. If we left the news up to the MSM we wouldn't know the truth. It's very refreshing to read the truth for once! Keep the articles coming.

Anonymous No. 23651 2018-04-20 : 22:56

Comey is grasping for the side of the pool and hoping he won't drown. The justice system is slow but sure and surely he will end up on the wrong side of it, when the president has pointed out his violation of the law publicly.

Kurt No. 23656 2018-04-20 : 23:36

Lexy nails it! She has , in very few words, said why people are drawn to Trump. Despite his ego, he wants to win…for US! US = America = Black, White, Red, Yellow, Gold, Silver, Bronze, straight

, gay, whatever.

I, for one, am so thrilled to have someone who looks past all of that and wants the "country " (i.e., ALL of us!), to succeed. I cannot believe people think this man is so bad.

Thank you, Lexy.


Fantastic. No. 23658 2018-04-21 : 00:01

Great article, however Comey’s Girl Scout image is in tatters and no honest person who follows the real news believes his lies anymore. He has brought dishonor to the FBI and should be brought up on charges. Thanks to the author of this article I am angry…when I thought I got over this incompetent buffoon…

Bob No. 23663 2018-04-21 : 00:30

Lexy, really enjoyed the article. Please keep them coming.

Anonymous No. 23664 2018-04-21 : 00:36

Is Lexy a new member of the filipino ladyboy pig farm?

J. Harjo No. 23665 2018-04-21 : 00:42

Excellent article. This explains exactly why Donald J. Trump has such a loyal following. Despite being a billionaire, he is a regular guy that loves his Country. I totally identify with this. Keep the articles coming Lexy. Your writing is A++

Ruth Hoss No. 23666 2018-04-21 : 00:50

Darling Lexi, your article touched me and my family. You are doing His bidding. God bless your sweet little heart, Lexi.

buffalo queer No. 23668 2018-04-21 : 00:54

Jimbos sex shack never tasted this great

Not Lucifer No. 23669 2018-04-21 : 00:55

Lexi! The angel of light supports you!!

JAMsMa No. 23670 2018-04-21 : 01:11

You got that right Ms. Lexy. Pot indeed. The immoral crying wolf.

Great article.

Sherry No. 23676 2018-04-21 : 01:56

This article is great, shows James Comey for what he is. A delusional man. Congrats to the writer, Lexy, she has done a brilliant piece.

Michelle Turner No. 23677 2018-04-21 : 02:00

One of us! One of us! One of us! Keep preaching to the choir Lexy!

Anonymous No. 23678 2018-04-21 : 02:17

Great article thanks

Jackson rcoho No. 23681 2018-04-21 : 02:52

very-very well written, Im inpressed, Way to go Lexy, Ill be looking for more , In the days to come, Amazing , article, Congrats young Lady, lv J.r 🇺🇸💥🎲

Anonymous No. 23682 2018-04-21 : 02:54


Johnny Neptune we know you're a paid Democratic Shill. You always spam Porn here. Go away nobody likes you.

Anonymous No. 23683 2018-04-21 : 02:56

I was 21 when 9/11 happened

I bet OP was older than that

Kill yourself Johnny Neptune

Johnny Neptune No. 23684 2018-04-21 : 03:03

LOL@all the idiots saying this is 'a great article' hahahaha YOUR ARTICLE SUCKS… Most of these people reading your bullshit were three years old when the 9/11 attacks happened…

hint: never listen to political opinion from somebody who has only been socially and politically aware for less than 10 years.

These political pundits were all playing with plastic Red Ranger dolls when Obama got elected.

If I already mentioned how bad this article sucks?

Anonymous No. 23685 2018-04-21 : 03:11


Diana No. 23716 2018-04-21 : 12:02

Good article. Insightful.

Anonymous No. 23722 2018-04-21 : 12:40

Would Mr. Comey UNDER OATH present his sources of Income for the last 6-10 years.

Let us see who is paying for his mouth to run.

Plus let us see the names involved in helping him put his book together and their connections.

Anonymous No. 23733 2018-04-21 : 14:51

Mr. Comey, private citizen? I believe your facts are skewed. Ruining a man who dedicated his life to this country Gen Flynn is YOUR doing. Getting a few barbs thrown at you via Twitter may sting but I bet you still have your house to lay down at every night paid for by a cushy book deal and endless appearances on TV. You should be "proud" of yourself Mr. Comey.

Dennis Robinson No. 23741 2018-04-21 : 16:43

Lexy has style & is clearly fully awake!

comey will most likey do himself in

when the shit hits the fan!

Liberals-hate-Facts No. 23802 2018-04-22 : 12:36

Fact: Comey is proof Slime can speak.

Tim No. 23829 2018-04-22 : 17:02

What gets me is he openly admitted to George Stephanopoulos, he "did not inform the President Elect (at the time) that the Hillary campaign paid for "the dossier", because he did not feel it was relevant and "that piece of information did not serve his purpose"… so much for NOT making politically motivated decisions!! That comment should have been followed with the question: "What WAS your purpose…"

Trina James No. 24151 2018-04-25 : 13:32

Great article Lexy!!!

Anonymous No. 24298 2018-04-27 : 03:21

"Trump is “one of us,”

really, Lexy ?…

Trump is a Filipino prostitute that moonlights as an illiterate half-ass journalist on a pig farm?

That's news to me

Anonymous No. 24305 2018-04-27 : 04:32


Consider suicide racist

Anonymous No. 24436 2018-04-28 : 10:50

The more I read of Comeys comments I see a man that wants to change his image from a politics playing bureaucrat lying backstabber to the Great White Hope.

With a Comment like:

Comey: 'No-one around Trump to contain him'

Is like him hinting he played a superman defender role in trying to save America from an elected President, HE and the Deep State do not approve of.

Just think if Trump had not fired this Deep State Hack, how Comey would have further abused his FBI powers in violating the US Constitution and anyone supporting Trump.

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