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UK: Exploitation Of Children And Teens Up As Slave Gangs Run Free

Sadly, only 6 percent of crimes related to the Modern Slavery Act of 2015 have led to charges in the UK. Of the 5,145 suspected sex slaves, 2,118 (around 41%) were under the age of 18. There has been a 66% increase in the number of children and teens exploited since last year.

Police have been accused of failing to investigate many of these cases. West Midlands police recorded 295 offenses that only led to two charges. Many of the children are lured from overseas with promises of vacations, modeling contracts and most of them end up being used as child prostitutes in London brothels.

The findings are especially unfortunate for Theresa May who had supposedly made handling sex trafficking in Britain a priority for the first time. The Modern Slavery Act resulted in a new post in the government of anti-slavery commissioner who had the authority to seize traffickers' assets to compensate victims.

In at least a few cases, (Rotherham comes to mind) however "councillors and police" were found to be involved in the whole situation. In some cases, the Councillors and police knew that the grooming was taking place but were told not to discuss it because it might disrupt police inquiries. In other cases, "councillors and police" were found to be having sex with the child victims themselves.


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Jollee No. 23724 2018-04-21 : 13:09

I think its horrific, and I this is why everyone must be a documented citizen I also think this is one reason Sanctuary Cities were born, there is money being made at the expense of undocumented people, this is modern day slavery and Exploitation, its very sad…

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