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Turn Your Deceased Relative’s Cremated Ashes into Diamonds - For a Price

There's a new trend sweeping amongst the deceased and family members of those who've passed on into eternal happiness - although it's a pricey one - where people are now using the ash remnants from a cremation to turn it into a diamond with a scientific method there unique to itself.

That's right, it's unique in the sense that your loved one will forever glimmer, not just in your heart, but as a piece of jewelry that you can wear.

Several companies, including that of Cremation Solutions, are now allowing the deceased to be transported into a gemstone.

The process itself involves seven steps, according to Cremation Solutions, in a new trend that's sweeping across America and Europe, which places your loved one's ashes into a “Memorial Diamond,” and many people are now placing these last wishes into their living will in order to be turned into a precious stone after their death.

Below are the seven steps to making the “Memorial Diamond” as reported by Cremation Solutions:

Step 1:

Place several ounces of the ashes in a crucible that can withstand massive heat.

Step 2:

Bring the temperature to just over 5,000 degrees Fahrenheit, and allow all of the elements except the carbon to oxidize.

Step 3:

Continue to heat until the carbon has turned to graphite. The entire heating process will take a few weeks.

Step 4:

Place the graphite in a core with a metal catalyst and a diamond seed crystal.

Step 5:

Place the core in a diamond press.

Step 6:

Bring the temperature to about 2,500 degrees Fahrenheit and the pressure to about 800,000 pounds per square inch. Allow several weeks for the graphite to turn into a rough crystal.

Step 7:

Remove the crystal and use faceting tools to cut it to your specifications.

Memorial diamonds are produced from hair or ashes, with other carbon ("lab carbon") added as necessary. Carbon can be obtained from cremated human or animal remains in a particulate or gaseous form. The diamonds are then produced from the carbon extracted using conventional diamond synthesis techniques.

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While the process itself isn't difficult, the stones are also quite expensive due to the pricey equipment used in making the diamond.

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The stones range as high as around four-thousand dollars, but I suppose you can't really put a price on the loss of a loved one.

There's a variety of styles to choose from, and if you want to keep your loved one close to you forever, you have several options.

Cremation Solutions also says that the Diamonds are organic and natural, so you're essentially using earth minerals in the process.

“Cremation or Hair Diamonds are green to the earth. They have all the attributes of natural diamonds from huge mines - same fire, same hardness but without the social stigma, the blood sweat and tears of hard labor or the environmental issues having a massive impact on the earth,” their website reads.

If you'd be interested in having your memory carried on eternally, in a sense of fashion and style, visit the website of<a href=""> Cremation Solutions </a>for more information.

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But wow what a cool idea if u can afford it.. i would have loved one of my baby brother .. when he passesed or my older sister as well

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