By: Steve Dellar | 04-23-2018 | News
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Armenia - Violent Protests Enter 9th Day As Demonstrators Fear Russian Army Deployment

For 9 days on end, people in the Armenian capital Yerevan have been gathering to protest the power grab of Prime Minister Serzh Sarksyan, who has changed the constitution so he can be appointed for life.

More and more protesters are being arrested by hooded police as the jailing of 3 opposition leaders and some 230 protesters draws ever greater criticism from many in the European union.

Armenia, the landlocked country between Turkey, Georgia and Azerbeijan, now fears that Russia is preparing to invade (just like it did in neighboring Georgia in 2008 under the pretext of wanting to protect it’s ‘Russian’-minded peoples).

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By now, protesting people are getting plucked from the streets by police or hit by batons. In some cases, police and soldiers are not even wearing markings anymore as the demonstrators are being attacked by large groups.

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Russia has several military bases in Armenia and will do everything to keep it’s protectorate under its control while the scream of the people for more democracy and the rule of law is being ignored.

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For Armenia, this is the biggest political crisis in a decade. The protests, which have grown larger every day, are threatening to destabilise a key Russian ally in a volatile region as "people power" takes to the streets. The world waits to see how the Kremlin will react.

In anticipation of things to come, the borders with Azerbeijan and Turkey have been closed.

The country has seen no economic growth for two decades, experiences a 20 percent unemployment rate and its businesses, which are owned by a small portion of the population, are dependent for their exports on Russia. For the Kremlin however, Armenia is highly important due to its strategic location.


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