By: Major Burdock | 04-24-2018 | News
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We're Live! : Waffle Houses and Witch Hunts

Phil and Burdock explore the phenomenon of violence and waffles. Starbucks is also on the menu along with planes falling apart.

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Mewch Now No. 23993 2018-04-24 : 03:03

Anonymous No. 24037 2018-04-24 : 11:19

When I was a Road Warrior I ate in about 100+ Waffle Houses a year for at least one of my 3 Per-Diem meals.

Working up the street from the Brook Hollow Pkwy HQ, I knew some of the uppity ups, I have even had a Waffle House shutdown in North Carolina after a serious incident (1996-7).

But over all Waffle House ranges from Fantastic 10/10 like in Jackson Ga. with staff that remembers your orders and names. With Wait Staff that digs into their tips to helps out Old scraping by locals. TO THE total screw-ups like seen the closer to Atlanta you get that can't even do basic math.

Yes the Waffle House 24/7 365 open door policy attracts some of the common problematic after midnight crap found anywhere.

But I have worked years of Road Warrior IT Disaster Recovery arriving just before to just an hour after Hurricanes (eg. Hurricane Fran RTP NC, Hurricane Hugo, Andrew Sandy and etc… ) an I have seen the wait staff taking care of Aid, Emergency workers and yes feeding locals and etc. a hot meal. Some sleeping in the store room during the emergency to wake up and take orders for those that had no place else.

So while Waffle serves likely over 100+++Millions meals a years without incident to families to yes even thugs … It seldom has serious issues in comparison.

Waffle House Mgt. Needs to get off its Butt and brag a little about what it stores and staff do during emergencies and day to day operations for its local customers.

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