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Latest Developments In The Case Of Kai The Hitchhiker

Finally a bit of good news to report in the case of Caleb McGillvary, better known as Kai the Hitchhiker. Kai gained a brief bit of viral fame when he rushed to the aid of a man and woman being attacked. Kai was hitchhiking when the driver randomly cut into a man pinning him against another vehicle. When he attempted to attack a female passerby Kai quickly knocked him with the butt end of the hatchet he carried for self defense.

The viral fame was short-lived before Kai ended up in a situation where he found himself allegedly drugged and raped by an attorney in Union County, New Jersey. The investigation and prosecution up until now has been suspicious to say the least. Conflicts of interest, destroyed evidence and outright lies aplenty. In New Jersey, fighting off a rapist is considered self defense, but Kai is being charged with murder for fighting off his attacker. If friends of the deceased were not involved in the prosecution, detention and investigation, it's likely that the evidence of rape and drugging would not have been culled.

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Luckily, Kai has succeeded in getting another judge to see the case. Previously his public defender, judges and others involved in the case (right down to wardens in the jail) were all closely related to the deceased, alleged rapist. The alleged rapist, the attorney James Galfy, died with blood and semen on his penis and despite Kai saying the beers he drank were drugged the notes from the forensic analysis show that at some point someone had washed out the bottles in question before they could be tested.

Galfy's hard drive will finally be released to the defense, however which is excellent news. After nearly five full years in solitary with 23 hour lockdown, Kai is also finally in general population. Five years without a trial is not just a farce, it's literally unconstitutional.

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To stay updated on the case you can check out the <a href="">Kai the Hitchhiker Legal Support Page</a> or donate to the fundraiser to <a href="">help Kai get the representation he needs</a>. You can also buy books on his Amazon list or write him a letter.

Caleb McGillvary

Inmate #210329

Union County Jail

15 Elizabethtown Plaza

Elizabeth, NJ 07202-3480

Twitter: #FreeKai #KaiTheHitchhiker #WronglyAccused

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Thomas Radnoti No. 24053 2018-08-17 : 16:10

Holy shit I’m donating and writing Kai a letter now!!!

qplush No. 24054 2018-10-13 : 03:10

To bad kai is male, otherwise He'd be a hero, and still free. Who knows what James Galfy and his sick friends have done up to that point, but if Kai were female they'd all be in jail.

Bob No. 93851 2019-02-21 : 00:05

Total b.s. this is how our legal system usually works. Crooks calling some1 else a crook.

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