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Internet Of Things Exploits Forces Evolution In CIA Tactics

The Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) has actually copped to the fact that they are easily identified and tracked in at least 30 countries using the latest bleeding edge technology. Dawn Meyerriecks, the deputy director of the CIA's science and technology division, spoke at an intelligence conference in Tampa, Florida about ways that foreign governments were using digital means to keep tabs on rival intelligence agencies and their individual agents.

Thanks to the exploits found all throughout the rise of "smart devices" closed circuit television, wireless infrastructure. The ubiquity of Internet of Things (IoT) leaves countless backdoors open. Whether its phones, computer chips or RFID tags in clothing, there are numerous means of varying levels of sophistication that are making it easier and easier to amass and analyze astounding amounts of raw data about nearly anyone anywhere.

<quote>"Singapore's been doing it for years," she said, without naming any other countries.</quote>

The CIA, in turn, will be deploying around 140 artificial intelligence projects hoping they might be able to keep their agents abroad safer. One proect the CIA was willing to dish about entailed a team of experts who "took a bunch of unclassified overhead and street view" and used machine learning and AI algorithms to build "a map of cameras in one of the big capitals that we don't have easy access to," Meyerriecks said.

This, theoretically, would make it easier for agents to find out where and how they're being tracked making evading those means more possible. It seems the eternal game of Spy vs. Spy is ever-evolving and with the rise of advanced technology and the exponential speed at which it is rolling out this is sure not to be changing any time soon.


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