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This Is What I See Coming

I think most Americans who aren’t complete SJWs would agree that the country we’ve been closest to and which the United States most closely resembles is Great Britain. After all, we were a protectorate of the British Empire once upon a time. Most of our founders were of British descent. English is our common language. Many of our laws were even based in British law.

If you accept that premise, then you should also be mindful of what is happening in Great Britain right now. If you’ve been paying ANY attention whatsoever, you know that the UK (along with most of the rest of Europe) has been completely overrun with migrant “refugees” that have fled various parts of the Middle East and Africa. Those on the Left claim this is just “inclusion,” and we should be celebrating “diversity.”

The problem is, if you know anything about Islam and not just what the mainstream media have spoon-fed you; there is no inclusion when it comes to Islam. It is their stated desire to conquer the entire world by bringing all it into Islam. Those that refuse will be killed. The pattern of Islamic migration has long been one of “poor refugees looking to get away from hardship.” Then they breed. And proselytize.

After they grow in numbers, they start crying about how they are persecuted because they are a minority. They garner sympathy by saying anyone who tells the truth about Islam is “Islamophobic” or “racist.” Then they keep growing. Then they become a majority. And that is when they take over, and there are no more minority rights. You submit to Islam or you die.

In the UK these days you can be arrested for tweeting things that are deemed “offensive” about Islam, even though what you say may be nothing more than the absolute truth. Why does the government of the UK allow this? Because it’s easier to control its citizens when they are frightened to say anything against those invading their country. Why does the government allow this? Because it’s easy to exert control over your citizens when they’re afraid to even speak.

Over the last few days, many of us have been watching in horror as little Alfie Evans, suffering from a horrific disease, has been denied treatment by the government of the UK. Little Alfie’s parents have even been able to secure funding to get treatment in Italy. The government of the UK, through the courts, still will not allow Alfie to get the treatment the child so desperately needs. This is just the latest of these horrific incidents in Britain. And why? Because it’s not about what’s right for the child, or the parents, or anyone else. It’s about the government exerting control over every life, up to and including when and how its citizens die.

London murder rates now exceed those of New York City, despite strict gun control lauded by so many on the American Left. British citizens are largely defenseless as the aforementioned migrants stab and slash their way through the cities of Europe. Why would the government allow its citizens to be defenseless? Because it’s IMPOSSIBLE to truly control a citizenry that is armed and willing to use their arms to fight tyranny.

All of this has come together to create a nation that largely mirrored our own, and yet is now a utopia for only evil. Government deciding children should die while they allow other citizens to be raped and murdered, and not even be able to say anything about it without the fear of imprisonment.

Many think “well, thank God I live HERE and not THERE.”It’s coming here, and it’s coming here NOW. What do we hear when we talk about the evils of Islam? “You’re racist.” “You’re Islamophobic.” The Left wants “hate speech” banned, but hate speech is really whatever they say it is, and it doesn’t matter if what you’re saying is TRUE or not, just whether they like it or not. You hate brown people if you don’t want mass migration here.

The Affordable Care Act, commonly known as Obamacare, was not the first step toward socialized, state-controlled medicine in the United States, but it was perhaps the biggest. The Left wants “universal healthcare” which is just their way of saying they want single-payer, which is what they have in Britain. Remember the golden rule: Whoever has the gold makes the rules. If the government is paying the health care bills, then the next obvious step is that they will be deciding who gets what care, whether you can afford to pay for it on your own or not. After all, one being able to afford quality care in another country while their neighbor cannot be “unfair” according to the Left.

I’ve written a multitude of articles on gun control, and more will be forthcoming. Anyone who TRULY believes in the US Constitution knows that the lynchpin to the Left’s desires of destroying a once magnificent nation is gun control. After all, how do you control a population that can shoot back? Make no mistake, there is NO desire on the Left to save lives, or they wouldn’t support abortion so fervently. They’d be calling for a ban on cars, and cell phones, which cause far more deaths than guns. Oh, don’t worry, the bans on those other things will come quickly after guns are banned. No, they care about the methods, and they care about this particular method because it’s the firewall between liberty and tyranny


The Constitution can only protect us as long as we protect the Constitution. In so many ways we have failed in that. Our politics have become more and more tribalistic and even cultish as we fawn over our favored politician no matter what he or she does, even while screaming at the top of our lungs about an opposing politician for doing the same thing.

We have stopped being a nation of principles and have become one of mindless sycophancy, on both sides of the political island. That is going to doom us because we haven’t focused on the one thing that makes America special: Liberty.

The horrors in the UK and the rest of Europe are coming here. I don’t mean at some distant point in the future. They’re coming NOW. Whether Democrat or Republican, we must demand our leaders stand for liberty. If they don’t stand for that then nothing else they do matters, even if its things we like such as cutting taxes or deregulating business. Get geared up, because our complacency has been killing us. Since the election of Donald Trump, I’ve seen many on the Right talk a lot about “winning” but not nearly enough about LIBERTY. Winning doesn’t keep the Islamists or Communists out of our country in and of itself. We have to remain vigilant. And no, there is NO time in the future where we’ll be able to take a break and stop being vigilant. Vigilance is the price we pay to keep liberty.

Too many think if we elect the right President or the right people into Congress, then all of our problems are solved. On the contrary, it’s those we think we can trust that do the most damage, because we aren’t expecting it. We have to elect the right people and then watch them like hawks, staying ever-vigilant to watch for any duplicity. If you haven’t done that until now, that’s ok; it’s never too late to start. Now is the time though, because the Communists Joe McCarthy was ridiculed for fearing are here now. Their names aren’t Boris and Natalia though, it’s Kamala, and Barack, and Elizabeth Warren, and they want to turn the United States into the hellhole that Britain is rapidly becoming. Now is the time, because there will not be another chance.

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Ruth Mitchell No. 24077 2018-04-24 : 21:36

We need to really teach everyone Liberty.

Anonymous No. 24078 2018-04-24 : 21:39

Good article Benjamin! I also have been seeing it come to the US.

These people are from a polar opposite culture and will not and cannot assimilate to our peaceful stable culture.

Its evident that there are dark forces deeply embedded into our politics where these people hate President Trump more than they love America.

Anonymous No. 24080 2018-04-24 : 22:33

Great story, I fully agree

Anonymous No. 24086 2018-04-24 : 23:37


glenn dupuis No. 24176 2018-04-25 : 18:28

Articles like this are everywhere and all express the concern of millions of the unheard populous, many who are just content with the foolish thought that it won't happen to us.However it is.Every Muslim elected to a government position is another nail in the coffin of Christianity,and caucasian Americans.The left and the Muslims are a great threat, but the greater is the number of people that are satisfied in their own little world.The changes are coming and we all will be sorry.

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