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Indiana - 70 Volunteers Rebuild Home for Homeless Vet

Sometimes there are great people in the world - who have kind and compassionate hearts - and for one formerly homeless Veteran - that's what happened when more than 70 volunteers chipped-in to help him rebuild his dream home - bringing him off the streets and indoors.

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The story is a tear-jerker, where 60-year-old Michael Malone, a Veteran of America's armed forces, had been living on the streets of Indianapolis homeless and alone.

Malone served in the Air Force from the years of 1976 to 1980 and later served in the Air Reserves from the years of 1981 to 1996. He's an honorable man, who after tragedy suffered both emotionally and mentally, struggling to cope.

A horrible tragedy occurred where Malone lost the lives of both his only daughter and his mother. Ever since, he's been an emotional wreck. That depression and uncertainty are what caused Malone to give up on life, and eventually led to his homelessness.

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Several volunteers with the Home Depot Foundation and the Hoosier Veterans Assistance Foundation (HVAF) heard about Malone’s story, and the terrible losses he's had to endure as per the aftermath.

“What he’s been through, he’s had some challenges,” said Matt Rice, who works as a store manager for the Castleton Home Depot location. “We are helping him get back and are getting this house in shape where he can move back in and get going again.”

That positive response from the community is beyond inspiring and has motivated a whopping 70 volunteers to come together for the project to rebuild the childhood home of Michael Malone.

Michael didn't have the money to repair his mother's home after she passed away, and the costs of losing his daughter had drained his finances.

It also drained his soul, and he simply gave up. Without a friend, without a family member there to lift him up, Michael was lost.

That shouldn't happen in America, especially to a brave man who put it all on the line so that the entire country can live in peace and prosperity.

After fifteen years of service as per both the Air Force and Air Reserve, Malone not only has earned the respect of the American people, but he's risked his life to ensure that freedom reigns forever.

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“I’m excited for a new leaf in life, a new fresh start," said Malone. "I’m touched by the generosity of people."

The compassion from the good people of Indiana towards Malone has brought him both hope and joy, in which he may be able to plant new roots to enjoy the beauty of life yet again.

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"I’m kind of overwhelmed," said Malone. "I’m happy, I’m sad in a sense that my mother won’t be here to experience this-this was her home.”

Malone says that he's been blessed by the grace of God and from the hearts of those who have reached out to help him.

"This just blows me away that there are people that are really truly that kind," said Malone. "It absolutely restores my view of humanity.”

Michael said that because of the kindness of the community, he's now able to realize that even though he's lost his daughter and his mother, he has so much to be thankful for.

“If I turn the corner and see a flag flying, I know I’ll be home then,” said Michael, gazing upwards at the star-spangled banner, remembering that he served for the red, white and blue. “My daughter was born on the 4th of July, so each time I see the flag, I think of her.”

This story is the type of tale that reminds us of the wonderful people that reside within the United States of America, who come together during times of need and tragedy and lend a hand to our fellow man.

The Home Depot has been one of the nation's leading companies who support not only the patriotic men and women of our armed forces, but they have continued to give back to the bravest of our patriots in their time of need.

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For Michael Malone, it has changed his life. He's now left the streets of Indianapolis after losing everything he held dear to his heart, as well as losing all hope.

Now, he once again has faith in himself, life, and America.

If you see a Veteran, be sure to thank them. If you see a homeless Veteran, offer them help and support. You just might change their lives.

Michael Malone is proof of just how amazing America is, and the seventy volunteers who came together to rebuild his childhood home is a prime example of the kindness of the American people and the quality of philanthropy from businesses like Home Depot.

God Bless America.

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