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New York - Pit Bull Attack On Subway Goes Viral (Video)

A terrifying pit bull attack on a New York subway was captured on video and shared on social media Tuesday. The video shows a pit bull bite onto the shoe of a commuter aboard the crowded subway. The dog's handler clearly struggles with controlling the dog who refuses to let go of the woman's shoe.

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The attack lasts nearly a minute as panicked subway riders shout and struggle to free the woman from the dog's bite. The owner continues to pull on the dog's leash which is attached to a harness giving the owner virtually no leverage over the animal's strength. What the owner doesn't realize is that harnesses distribute the tension of the leash allowing for the dog to pull harder than it would otherwise pull if it had a choke chain or even a simple collar.

The dog owner appeared to be ill equipped to bring his pet into close proximity to the public. If the dog had latched on to the woman's face it likely would have been torn off because of this owner's lack of training and ability to control the pit bull. A panicked bystander yells, "Get the dog off of her!" as the tug of war continues. "Call the police!" another man shouts. One rider says, "You're going to jail. You're not telling the dog to release!"

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Finally, the woman gives up on the shoe and let's go. The dog immediately loses interest in the new toy and his owner pulls him away from the woman. This woman is very lucky she was not hurt, at one point she even reaches down to retrieve a bag and puts her face within close proximity to the pit bull. An MTA spokesperson named Shams Tarek said, "Our rules require non-service animals to be kept inside containers and not disturbing other passengers."

Tarek added, "What’s happening in this video is disturbing and a clear violation of our rules. We flagged this video for NYPD, which is responsible for enforcing Transit rules."

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