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Giuliani Meets With Mueller To Negotiate Presidential Interview

It appears President Trump is set on providing an interview to Mueller despite his attorney's adamantly disagreeing to the point that one left. Now, new replacement Rudolph W. Giuliani seems willing to do as the president asks and has reportedly met with special counsel Robert S. Mueller III on Tuesday to reopen negotiations for an interview with the president. This comes from three people familiar with the talks.

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Giuliani only recently joined Trump's legal team last week and conveyed the notion that his advisers were against an interview with federal investigators but left it open as a possibility. Now it seems that is the whole reason Giuliani was brought on, to coordinate the meeting between Trump and federal prosecutors.

The unwanted and overpaid Mueller who has been sniffing the very dirt Trump walks on since the moment he was hired has said he wants the chance to ask Trump about steps he took during the transition of his administration into office. The real reason Trump may be willing to interview with Mueller, against his advisers and attorney's advice, is because the interview could mean a conclusion to the portion of the probe focused on potential obstruction of justice.

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"I’m doing it because I hope we can negotiate an end to this for the good of the country and because I have high regard for the president and for Bob Mueller," Giuliani said last week. Trump also affirmed Giuliani's position saying his new lawyer "wants to get this matter quickly resolved." The 73-year-old Giuliani is a former New York mayor and U.S. attorney who has known Mueller for decades through their mutual work in federal law enforcement.

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