By: Savannah Smith | 04-26-2018 | News
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US Airline Scandal Sees Delta Strap MS Woman To Wheelchair

A woman suffering from multiple sclerosis is accusing a U.S. airline of neglect and inability to adequately deal with her needs as she claimed they instead tied her to a wheelchair on an international flight.

Maria Saliagas has been dealing with MS for five years running ever since it was first diagnosed. She continued to make her annual trips with her husband to Europe.

Her son made the necessary arrangements with Delta officials for her April 1 trip that would fly her from Atlanta to Amsterdam. Her son and the Delta officials agreed that a proper wheelchair would be waiting for her upon her arrival in Amsterdam.

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Saliagas was, of course, expecting that a proper wheelchair with special straps to help her sit up straight would be waiting for her once she arrives in Amsterdam. Her son, Nathan Saliagas said the contrary happened. Salinas claimed that not only was the little comfort of a proper wheelchair missing, but the staff also maltreated and abused his mother.

Saliagas narrated: “They took a dirty blanket and tied her forcefully with it, and she has bruise marks on this part of her arm, which is where it was tied.”

The son also insisting on a change in the airline’s policies. Saliagas added: “I want them to show initiative that they’re willing to change their disability services.”

After lodging their complaint to airline staffers, Saliagas was offered 20,000 free SkyMiles. The son said that offer won’t cut it and that what his mother wants is the assurance that in the future they’ll better accommodate disabled passengers.

Delta apologized for whatever discomfort their passenger may have felt during her flight with them. They are, however, disputing Saliagas’ claims. Delta is claiming that Salinas was made to choose from several wheelchair options, and she picked one. She said, however, that she was “slipping” making a staff suggest tying her to the chair. Delta is claiming Saliagas agreed to the suggested, and only insisted they used only new, clean blankets and not “dirty ones.”

Saliagas is standing by his version of the story of how his mother was “disgustingly” maltreated. He added that when she started crying from the discomfort and pain of having dirty blankets tied to her leaving bruise marks on her arms, the staff ruthlessly told her instead to, “shut the f**k up” or that she will be left there.


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Anonymous No. 24267 2018-04-26 : 18:47

When Airlines became the GREYHOUND and TRAILWAYS BUSES of the sky ….we started to see more and more 1/2 A$$ service.

Airlines really need 4 seating classes..

Cattle (Bus service, just a seat and a hello drink)

Middle Class: What Coach was 30 years ago.

Business Class & 1st class.

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