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Facebook Refuses to Show for Congressional Hearing with Diamond and Silk

In Washington, DC today a Congressional hearing is set to allow two of President Trump's most vocal social media supporters - Diamond and Silk - to give them an opportunity to speak out about the blatant Conservative censorship occurring on Facebook - that only targets supporters of the Administration.

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Liberal pundits, left-wing media outlets, progressive activists, even radical Antifa groups are allowed to promote their content on Facebook, but two African-American Trump supporters are some considered to be responsible for “dangerous” content, at least according to the suspension of the account ran by Diamond and Silk on Facebook.

It's not as if Diamond and Silk break any of Facebook’s terms of service. They simply promote the President of the United States of America with family-friendly comedy.

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The reality is that Facebook is an ultra-liberal platform control by a radical globalist, Mark Zuckerberg, and having two black women in support of the 45th President of the United States of America, Donald J. Trump, poses a threatening means of destroying the Democratic Party’s desire to depict Trump supporters as racist.

Now, however, it appears that Facebook will be a no-show at today's hearing, further incriminating the company led by Mark Zuckerberg in being responsible for biased censorship.

Lynnette "Diamond" Hardaway and Rochelle "Silk" Richardson will testify at the House Judiciary Committee hearing on how social media sites filter what they deem as threatening content.

One of the biggest problems is that many of our Representatives and elected officials in general seemingly fail to understand technology and the internet, let alone algorithmic threats being used against Conservatives to silence them.

A key to defeating this would be for Congress subpoena Twitter, Facebook, and YouTube for their algorithms. It would then need to be analyzed by proper and impartial technology companies, who would present a report.

Facebook, Google, and Twitter were all invited to attend the hearing but as of the time of this writing, none have responded to the invitation to state their defense. This implies that they're terrified of having their algorithms seized.

Diamond and Silk, being as vocal as the two stars have been, aren't buying the failure from Facebook to attend. They state that Facebook shut their page down for months and never gave a proper explanation as to why.

The American people aren't stupid, and they realize that with social media companies censoring African-American Trump supporters that there's an intentional ploy to pretend as if the President of the United States of America has no support from minorities, which as we've seen lately thanks to the sermons preached by Kanye West, Candace Owens, and Chance the Rapper; that's simply untrue.

"It's really sad that they try to dismiss our concerns as if we're just some piece of whatever," Diamond said about Facebook. "But the mere fact that they can't face us proves that they're guilty."

"That's what powers do," Silk said in absolute truth. "They run from the truth because they don't have any answers for their lies."

"I still want to make sure that I let them know that we were being censored," Diamond said. "Why did they target us, maliciously and deliberately. Because of what? Because we support the President? Because we're patriotic? Because we're black women?"

"What's the reason, we want to know," Diamond demanded. She's right. There's a huge effort to silence Conservatives on social media for doing absolutely nothing wrong.

"We're still waiting on the answer," Silk said of Facebook’s failure to respond.

Hopefully, today's hearings will result in action, outside of just a horse and pony show such as the Zuckerberg testimony, which has resulted in no changes or intervention.

Free speech should be permitted on social media platforms, especially when it has the power to affect elections. Companies such as Reddit recently announced, after years of censoring Conservatives, that they will no longer silence “hate speech,” because it's protected by free speech.

These concerns of the millions of Americans who have been suspended, banned, or silenced for supporting the President of the United States of America must not go unnoticed.


Even Conservative political candidates have suffered as a result of this censorship. At some point, the government has to regulate social media and the internet as if it were a utility.

While that concerns Republicans who disavow big government, the alternative is to have your opinions silenced.

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solanojones95 No. 24256 2018-04-26 : 15:14

That committee is less than worthless (other than as a platform for D&S to voice their outrage, and for committee members to posture their own mock outrage). But it consists–to the last person–of people with deep financial ties to FB. So make of that what you will…

Until we end corruption in our government, we can expect nothing but dog and pony shows, posturing for the cameras, and backroom deals to preserve the status quo. Period.

Johnny Neptune No. 24279 2018-04-26 : 21:07

lol@facebook being 'ultra-liberal'

(they're the NSA's data collection asset)

lmao@these two niggers being 'funny' or 'family friendly'.

Jim ?…. You're such a flaming faggot

Anonymous No. 24282 2018-04-26 : 21:20

Its great to see the support from all levels of society. The black voters helped elect our president. Of course he has supporters in every community. We'll see how the next election goes. Trump is going to be forced to purchase more paid advertising if Facebook and Twitter are banning his followers.

Anonymous No. 24349 2018-04-27 : 15:11

Johnny Neptune I just want to say that (unlike so many other people who respond to you in the comment section) I DO actually feel bad about how you were mistreated by your family and have no friends and that you're sexually frustrated and unemployed and unable to provide for yourself. And not JUST because it makes you such an asshole to everyone around here.

Just in general, I DO feel sorry for you. I want you to know that you have my sympathy, little buddy.

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