By: Savannah Smith | 04-26-2018 | News
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Atlanta - 50 Horses Missing Feared Sold for Slaughter by Vet Student

A 23-year-old veterinary student is being accused of adopting aging horses and offering them a sanctuary but ending up possibly selling the poor animals to be slaughtered.

Dozens of horses from across Georgia and the Southeast are missing and vet student Fallon Blackwood is being accused of duping horse owners by offering their old horses a new home in her pasture. It was found out later that Blackwood was getting rid of the horses instead.

Local media have confirmed that a few of the horses Blackwood adopted are safe, but hard evidence points to the shocking and sad reality that many of those horses received a cruel end to their lives.

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One horse owner, Sarah Warren, said Blackwood victimized her. It was a tough decision on her part to adopt out two of her horses, King and Grey Lady to Blackwood. She trusted the student. But now her greatest fear is that her beloved animals may have been put through a kill pen and slaughtered.

Warren’s two horses are part of the more than 50 horses and other animals with whereabouts unknown at this point. They all have been entrusted to Blackwood.

Local journalist Jim Strickland, Consumer Investigator from Channel 2 discovered some of the horses were rescued just in time. Many unfortunately did not make it and were mercilessly slaughtered, presumably for profit for Woodland.

More details into the scam will only be revealed later by Strickland.

Blackwood appeared in the television feature to have been arrested already for the allegations. It remains unclear what charges she is facing, however. But based on the accounts of deception and animal cruelty, it looks like the charges will not be light.


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Hey shes wearing Hillarys orange pant suit. =D

Johnny Neptune No. 24278 2018-04-26 : 21:03

This is exactly the type of thing that has led me to my final conclusion in my old age that HUMANS have no right to exist on this planet, and the faster every single human being is eliminated, (including myself) the faster this planet will heal. Fuck her. I'm not joking at all when I say she needs to be ground up and turned into dog food.

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