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Photo credit: Musée Etienne Terrus

France – Museum Admits Half Of All Paintings Are Fake

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A museum in the south of France near Perpignan, dedicated to the renowned Catalan artist Etienne Terrus, closed during the winter for a renovation of its building and was bound to reopen in the spring. During those months, it had also invited art dealers and experts to come and estimate the worth of its collection.

Great was the surprise of the board of the museum when the experts told them that about half of all the paintings thought to be painted by Mr Terrus were actually fakes.

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The museum houses some 160 works by Mr Terrus and of those, some 82 are thought to be fakes, sold to the board of the museum by con artists and local dealers.

In certain cases, the colours used by the forgers were what revealed their in-authenticity, in others it was the fact that the paintings featured building which were erected after the painter’s death.

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The Mayor of the Pyrenees town, Mr Yves Barniol, who himself sits on the board of the museum, said the news was nothing short of “a disaster”.

“To think that people came to the museum and have seen fakes, I take that very badly upon myself. We will be gathering all the certifications, all the acts of sale to see till where these forgeries will lead us. I invite the local gendarmerie to open an investigation.”

“We have invested some 300,000 Euros of the town’s money to renew the building and make it more attractive to visitors and then have to renew half the collection. It’s an outrage.”

Painting forgery used to be widespread in Europe, but because of new techniques and the introduction of the internet in the past 20 years, it is not something known to modern artists. Back in the 19th and 20th century though, the ‘old continent’ was rife with forgeries and an expert forger could easily make a fortune repainting old masters like Van Gogh or Breughel.


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