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Biometric Scanners Marketed To Courtrooms And Probation Offices

Invasive technologies continue to grow at leaps and bounds, one of the latest advances that may become commonplace is a form of facial recognition to be used for DUI kiosks. Likely, these will be initially rolled out in "smart cities" and later spread to other cities. The technology is the product of Breathalytics and Precision Kiosk Technologies. The companies are marketing their device to courtrooms, probation officers and police. The technology requires the parolee to enter their fingerprint which triggers a camera to record the session which confirms the person's identity via facial recognition.

The automated breathalyzer uses multiple biometrics and though it's being pushed as a solution for probation officers and counselors. Biometric scanning becomes more invasive and normalized as technology advances. Today probationers and parolees who have DUIs will be signed up, but how long until they are seen in airports, malls, schools, churches and anywhere else people gather in public?

Three Wisconsin counties have Sheriff's Offices who have adopted the kiosks. On the site, there is no data on exactly how reliable the machines are. Certain field tests are notorious for false positives. Just last year a story broke about "inaccurate million dollar breathalyzers" so the idea that the precision of the device (or exactly how it works) isn't disclosed is a bit concerning as well.

<blockquote class="twitter-tweet" data-lang="en"><p lang="en" dir="ltr">&quot; Any society willing to give up essential liberty for even a little bit of temporary security deserves neither and will lose both. &quot; - Benjamin Franklin</p>&mdash; Jake Philip Loubriel (@AmericanRogue5) <a href="">April 23, 2018</a></blockquote>

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After the Las Vegas shooting, the Wynn hotel (where Paddock's brother bragged about having had thousands of dollars of sushi comped) invested millions of dollars into body scanners that a company owned by Sheldon Adelson had designed. Casinos, airports and the judicial system are certainly early adopters when it comes to invasive biometric scanners and surveillance technology. Privacy was once consdered so sacrosanct that it is written into our Bill of Rights. In the world of high tech surveillance becoming more and more prevalent even the desire for it seems to be receding in many people's minds as they seek security over liberty.


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Anonymous No. 24722 2018-05-01 : 15:08

The liberals are so willing to sell out liberty for a false sense of safety!! Same with firearms, ban law abiding citizens from protecting themselves with legal firearms so only criminals are armed.

Johnny Neptune No. 24781 2018-05-02 : 02:14

Facial recognition has been going on for millions of years. When you go out in public, you have no rights to privacy whatsoever, and people may recognize you out of a crowd if they've seen you before. If you didn't want to be recognized by other people, you could always just stay home. So now they applied technology to it?…

Big fucking deal. If you are wanted by the law, maybe you shouldn't be going out in public, whether you'll be spotted by a man or a machine.

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