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Body Found Shot and Dumped in Jefferson County, Alabama Marks 58th Homicide of 2018

Another senseless homicide has occurred in Jefferson County, Alabama - where residents enjoying their Tuesday afternoon near a remote roadway would discover a man's body tucked away in what's being described as a “makeshift dump”.

A driver was reportedly heading down the roadway when he spotted a load of dumped rubbish that appeared to have a body sticking out, describing a gruesome scene of horror.

The driver of the vehicle then immediately contacted law enforcement, who sent several cruisers to respond near the intersection of 3rd Place and Avenue S in Bessemer, Alabama, a section of Jefferson County.

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After arriving to the scene, law enforcement would discover an adult male, who had been shot multiple times before being left in a trash pile, according to the Jefferson County Sheriff's Department.

Not only does the identity of the victim remain unknown at this time but officers say it's unclear as to whether the victim was deceased prior to being dumped or was left to die.

Chief Deputy Randy Christian said his Deputies blocked off the area with crime scene tape as they begin to collect evidence.

The area in which the currently unidentified male was found deceased was once considered the Woodward Mines, a red ore mining town that completely shut down in the 1960s and has now turned into a hotspot for illegal activities.

This murder marks the 58th homicide of 2018, a shocking number that leads the state of Alabama, and per capita makes the region one of the deadliest in America.

Crime has only increased in the last four years, as during the Obama Administration countless factories and businesses had went bankrupt leaving the predominantly African-American community to fend for themselves.

37 of the 58 homicides have occurred in the city of Birmingham alone, where law enforcement are engaged in a widespread effort to take back the community from violent drug gangs that present such danger that children are afraid to go outside in some areas.

President Trump has promoted the rebuilding of the inner cities and larger communities of Alabama, including the<a href=""> new Mercedes-Benz plant in Tuscaloosa</a>, which is credited to negotiations from President Trump's administration.

African-American community leaders, many of whom are rising stars in the newly reformed “Party of Trump,” have attempted to work hard with this Administration to fix the problems that the Obama regime long-since ignored, such as the deadly wave of violence in the region.

There is an active investigation to ID the victim of today's latest killing, but there will no doubt be further homicides before the year is over at the current rate.

The Jefferson County Sheriff's Office is asking for any and all information that could assist them in either identifying the victim or lead them to the killer to be shared by calling the JCSO at their Bessemer office via (205) 481-4201.

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Johnny Neptune No. 24791 2018-05-02 : 03:41

Alabama has 4,875,269 residents.

If you've ever been to Alabama before, I'm sure you'll agree that 58 is a good start.

Anonymous No. 24797 2018-05-02 : 05:03









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┈┈╲╱┊┊Fuck His┊ ╲╱┈┈

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Anonymous No. 24819 2018-05-02 : 11:06

Sorry but I see playing with words here….

There is a lot of variables that are being overlooked using the narrowly used Per Capita cited data to tarnish Alabama.

HOWEVER using the per capita way of looking at it, it can also be said.

The US national murder rate is about 5.4 per 100k people.

Alabama has about 4,888,949 people.

So 4,888,949 / 100k = 49 * 5.4 = about 264 murders are expected per year or about 22 per month.

We just finished 4 full months with 1/3 of the year behind US.

So with 58 murders statewide, Alabama has NOT even broken the 1/3 mark for the National Average

according to the articles cited Murders for the state.

Because with 4 completed months x 22 per month (national average), Alabama should have had a Murder count of 88

and is 30 behind the national average.

Alabama is always playing catch up with the rest of the Country.

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