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China - State Is Spying on Its Own People By Monitoring Workers’ Brain Waves

China is monitoring brain waves in the workplace and the military, perhaps, still as part of its authoritarian nature and objectives, or even just as a strategic means to have such access to great data for advertising and other economic purposes. Whatever it is, even critics concede developments such as this in neuroscience is one technology that’s simply too tempting to refuse.

South China Morning Post, in fact, reports that assembly lines workers, train conductors and military personnel are being mandated to have their hats, caps and helmets outfitted with the latest brain-reading sensors to determine efficiency and safety patterns.

Hidden in those safety helmets or uniform hats are lightweight, wireless sensors which constantly monitor the wearer’s brainwaves and stream the data to computers that use artificial intelligence algorithms to detect emotional spikes such as depression, anxiety or rage.

Truth is such technology is not contained in China as it is also used largely in other parts of the world. But China, as always, almost succeeds in outdoing everybody else as it applied the technology on an unprecedented scale in factories, public transport, state-owned companies and the military to increase the competitiveness of its manufacturing industry and to also preserve social stability.

The concerned research team confirmed the device and technology had been used in China’s military operations but refused to give further relevant information.

Said technology is also used in medicine. In fact, Changhai Hospital in Shanghai is working with Fudan University to develop a more sophisticated version of the technology to monitor a patient’s emotions as well as prevent violent incidents.

The Chinese government is claiming that aside from the initial discomfort, the workers are getting used to the idea of having their brains and thoughts monitored.

U.S. is not far behind especially in light of the whistleblower at Arizona State University disclosing a secret DARPA program being conducted there in 2013 using Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation.

Recently, an “accidental” FOIA request resulted in other mind control documents being released.

With its huge impact of such a technology to humankind especially when such a big and powerful nation as China is so into it, some are already raising crucial ethical questions about it that they say must be addressed now before the technology even “gets away from us.”


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Anonymous No. 24904 2018-05-03 : 05:03

Johnny, we didn't claim the documents were "top secret" if you had read my original article about this you'd see that I noted that they were OBVIOUSLY from websites about mind control. There ARE and have been for years , however, methods and means for picking up brain waves remotely

UK's Telegraph and New Scientists all refer to this technology as "Mind reading" technology. Why don't you go hassle the staff over there and tell them they're conspiracy theorists.

Anonymous No. 24906 2018-05-03 : 05:05

Use your reading comprehension skills, Johnny. As a writer you must have developed those to some extent.

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