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104-Year-Old Scientist Flees Australia Commit Suicide Legally In Switzerland

Australia’s oldest scientist has left for Switzerland to have the freedom to die.

Wearing a top with the quote “ageing disgracefully,” David Goodall left his country resenting the fact that he has to go overseas to die. Interestingly, Goodall is not suffering from a terminal illness, but his quality of life has since deteriorated due to his old age. He has also secured a fast-track appointment with assisted dying agency Life Circle in Basel.

The outspoken scientist did not leave his home country without criticizing it. He said: “I don’t want to go to Switzerland, though, it is a nice country. But I have to do that in order to get the opportunity of suicide which the Australian system does not permit. I feel very resentful.”

Exit International helped Goodall with his trip to Switzerland to die. The organization also slammed Australia saying it was “unjust that one of the country’s oldest and most prominent citizens should be forced to travel to the other side of the world to die with dignity.”

The scientist had the time and opportunity to bid his loved ones and friends goodbye before he dies. Euthanasia advocates told international media that he boarded a plane in Perth late Wednesday surrounded by friends and family saying their final goodbyes.

Before proceeding with his literal appointment with death, Goodall will have a chance to even spend days with other family members in Bordeaux, France before going to Switzerland. The scientist has set his death on May 10.

Assisted suicide is banned in Australia as in most countries in the world. The state of Victoria, however, became the first to legalize it last year. The legalization will take effect starting June 2019, and applicable only to terminally ill patients of sound mind and a life expectancy of fewer than six months.

A GoFundMe campaign was set up, with the help of Exit International, to raise money for the plane tickets of Goodall and his helper. Their seats were upgraded to business class from economy. The fundraising campaign received US$15,000 in donations.


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Anonymous No. 24981 2018-05-03 : 23:16

That's a tough topic legally, but if the man is sane and figures it's time to go…

Anonymous No. 25007 2018-05-04 : 04:27

A bullet is much cheaper than that flight.

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