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Kansas - IHOP Server Printed "N-word" On Black Customer's Receipt

An IHOP in the Kansas City area has fired a server after it was discovered she printed a racial slur on the receipt of a black customer. A representative from IHOP said Tuesday the server who printed the receipt is black as well. IHOP president Darren Rebelez said, "The action taken by the server at this restaurant is inexcusable. IHOP and its franchisees do not and will not tolerate racism, bigotry or harassment of any kind."

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The customer who received the receipt is 19-year-old Maya Thomas of Kansas City who says her receipt she got with her to-go order said "N*GGA". The incident took place on April 13 at the IHOP on U.S. 71 in Grandview. Thomas took a photo of the receipt which clearly says "N*GGA". When Thomas saw the racial slur she immediately called IHOP to complain. IHOP spokesperson Stephanie Peterson said, "The franchisee was made aware on the 13th, an investigation was launched that same day and the server was terminated."

Peterson is a senior-level manager and she said she apologized to Thomas for server's behavior. She also said the server's "actions were not acceptable and in direct violation of their policy" but never informed Thomas that the employee was fired. A few days after the incident, Thomas got a $10 IHOP gift card in the mail which enraged her mother. "I think that's really what made her mad," Thomas' mother said. "Of all the things you could call someone, you call them that. And then the way you deal with it is by giving them 10 dollars?"

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Her mother describes her as "very timid and very shy" and she says her daughter didn't inform her about the receipt until the gift card came. "She seemed distraught and upset when she showed it to me," her mother says. "And of course it got me pissed." IHOP representative Rebelez said in a statement:

<i>"The franchisee, who owns and operates this restaurant, once made aware of the incident, terminated the employee in question and immediately contacted the guest to apologize. For 60 years, IHOP and our franchisees have strived to create a warm and hospitable dining experience for all guests, and we are currently working with the franchisee to ensure all possible steps are taken to deliver on that promise."</i>

The incident is the latest in a string of national incidents involving African-American customers at restaurants such as the two black men who were arrested when they wouldn't leave Starbucks. The irony of this situation, however, is that both the victim and perpetrator are black.

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un nowen No. 25101 2018-05-05 : 05:06

not that it may have been the right place to put it or to say it but what ever happened to the freedom of speech and did anyone ask if maybe it was a mistake on how she printed it up.. and she didnt even relize what it said till after the fact… i dont feel she sould have been fired…

lynn No. 25102 2018-05-05 : 05:08

i dont feel she should have been fired did any one ask her if it was done by mistake and she didnt even relize what she had printed on the recipt… i think it should have been handled in a different way..

Cheryl No. 25105 2018-05-05 : 07:01

Atmy first i didnt get it. Now i do and as a person it pisses me off too. When will people look at others with their hearts and not be color blind

Anonymous No. 25112 2018-05-05 : 10:26

Ok what was the servers name?

Because in some South of the border languages the word is also a name?

Anonymous No. 25113 2018-05-05 : 10:34

I did a little digging and found ….


An IHOP representative said Tuesday that the SERVER IS BLACK as well.

Missouri IHOP fires BLACK SERVER after she printed 'inexcusable' n word .

But I thought Blacks calling Blacks the N-Word could be taken as a friendly joking.

even a term of endearment.


So what we actually have is a BLACK SERVER being accused of being "maybe" Racist Against other Black?

Or a BLM type stunt with media help.

Anonymous No. 25114 2018-05-05 : 10:37

Missouri IHOP fires black server after she printed 'inexcusable' n word …

Video for Kansas - IHOP Server Printed "N-word" On Black Customer's Receipt

2 days ago - Uploaded by Breaking News Today

Published on May 3, 2018. Missouri IHOP fires …

Anonymous No. 25162 2018-05-05 : 21:03

Black waiters hate serving niggers too.

Anonymous No. 25163 2018-05-05 : 21:06

Niggers love the nigger word it their favorite fucking word! Give me a fuckn break u pos hypocrite jungle bunny cry baby. They mad cuz they couldn't get more gibs from Ihop.

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