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Whitest Kids U Know's Trevor Moore Is Back

"Whitest Kids U Know" performer Trevor Moore is back with an argument in favor of Bullies. In my honest (but rarely humble) opinion, The Whitest Kids U Know were probably the top comedy troupe of the 21st century thus far. In the song "Bullies" from The Story Of Our Times Trevor sings about the need for bullies to come back as they are a valuable part of the "ecosystem." Without the bullies, you end up with furries and other "otherkin" "crying wolf" about being bullied.

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The track goes on to lament how our "skin is getting thinner every day" and calls out the danger in being proud of being obese, or a brony, or of having an anime waifu that is actually a bodypillow. What makes it even more exciting is the fact that despite the song itself hailing from a previous album (High In Church) by Moore, it has just recently made it to Comedy Central in the form of a special in honor of the most recent album's (The Story Of Our Times) release the 20th of April this year. Apart from South Park, which itself has recently taken a turn to the left despite the South Park creators recently "coming out" as Republicans.

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Comedy Central's Daily Show and many other programs are heavier on the social justice posturing, virtue signalling and agenda pushing than they are on the actual comedy these days. One YouTube commenter praised the network for airing this, "good on comedy central to even allow this, there may be hope yet." It's no secret that even some folks on the left side of the partisan divide are highly upset by the SJW-ification of society and the censorship that comes along with that. Another commenter points out that it's not that "the bullies went away" as the chorus laments:

<blockquote>It isn't that bullies have gone away, it's the genderfluid otherkins who are doing the bullying these days by playing the victim. Bullying people for "privileges" that don't exist and using Marxist sophistry to justify their hate. But glad to see someone wake up.</blockquote>

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According to Paste magazine, Moore seems fed up with the political landscape and expresses his frustration through the medium of funny songs and music videos. At the end of one skit from the show, he even gets called a Nazi (not that hard these days):

<blockquote>“Candice, I’m not sexist. What are you talking about?” Moore, at one point, says to his cartoonishly frigid girlfriend whose various slights and insistences have served as inspiration for each song in the special so far. One of several anthems that closes the special implores all of us, regardless of whether we think “this bathroom is only for people born girls” or “there should be no guns left in the world,” should just “shut the fuck up” because a meteor is coming and we should realize arguing is pointless. I don’t doubt that this comes from a place of genuine frustration, but frustration with what? That he has to listen to people complain? He has the other characters call him out as a white dude taking this stance, but he seems to think that’s a completely unfair point. Like there’s nothing to the idea that some people don’t want to shut the fuck up and wait for an asteroid to hit them.

When he communicates this worldview to his brunch companions, they call him a Nazi and leave.</blockquote>

Despite playing it fairly safe, it doesn't take much for the Paste reviewers to decide he's at worst a Nazi and at best "weirdly shitlord-sympathetic." It'd be a bit of a stretch to say that Comedy Central has had a change of heart, but quite possible that "comedy with a cause, but no laughs" just hasn't proved to be a fiscally responsible means to furthering the network.

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Anonymous No. 25238 2018-05-06 : 16:49

Who gets to decide what is bullied? We have gotten so thin skinned that if someone is called 4-eyes for wearing glasses we have to call out the army. When I was in 9th grade I was one of the youngest and smallest kids. I got teased because I was "So skinny they could see the bones in my stomach" by the fat football players. Now six-pack abs are the rage. (but mine are gone.) People with big butts were called Lardassians. Now people get ass implants. People would hide the fact they are gay now they claim to be gay in order to get attention, get a job or get insurance.

Growing up my dad always said "just do the right thing, there will always be petty, jealous and selfish people who say mean things. Anybody an iota of intelligence will know the difference." (But my cardiologist said there are a lot fewer people with an iota of intelligence than you would think.)

Faggot No. 25262 2018-05-06 : 22:17

So he's the kosher Sam Hyde now? Pass.

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