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Hugh Jackman's Wolverine Shooting Experience Illustrates Feminist Inequality

According to the website, Hugh Jackman, while filming X-Men: Origins of Wolverine, had a scene which required him to run down a hallway completely naked. Meanwhile, Jackman was still wearing prop claws the whole time. Turning the corner he was faced with "every woman on the production staff waving dollar bills." According to Weird-Facts, he "instinctively shielded his groin and cut himself with Wolverine’s claws."

Why even bother to mention this, though? It's just an example of the kind of double standards and inequalities that third wave feminism would rather you not linger on. A male actor being treated like a piece of meat, that's just a lulzy anecdote. Entertainment Weekly and Hollywood Reporter had some fun with the story. Jackman even received an "NSFW wrap gift" in the form of all the footage of his penis that had to be pulled from the movie to keep a PG-13 rating.

Meanwhile, last week when Elizabeth Olsen complained about her costume showing more skin than the males ("cleavage corset" was one way she described the get-up) it made news from Teen Vogue and USA Today to Business Insider, Elle and other outlets. Perhaps there's something to the selective amnesia that causes feminists to argue against the (debunked) gender wage gap while ignoring the (egregious) gender incarceration gap.

One complaint some Men's Rights Activists (and even some moderate feminists) lodge with feminism is that it's more interested in preferential treatment than equality. Males and females have different issues that they face. One isn't more important than the other, they're just different. I'm sure the women were just having some good "locker room" fun that day, but imagine the difference in the coverage had it been Scarlett Johansson who was forced to run nude while being catcalled by every man on the set? Probably would have ended up in the LA Times or New Yorker rather than "Weird Facts."


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