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Australia - Refugee Resettlement Plan Hopeless As US Refuses Iranians And Somalis

Refugees on the Australian island of Nauru, most of them from Iran and Somalia, are losing hope of resettlement to the US after the third version of Donald Trump’s travel ban which bars or limits entry to citizens of five Muslim-majority countries (Iran, Libya, Somalia, Syria and Yemen) was being considered by the supreme court as to its constitutionality but is still in effect, meaning they cannot be displaced for the moment.

All those who this week had appointments with US officials to discuss their relocation, have been rejected.

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One refugee who wished to remain anonymous said the mood in the camp was shifting: “Everyone is just thinking they have no hope.”

<blockquote class="twitter-tweet" data-lang="en"><p lang="en" dir="ltr">There is huge worry in Nauru &amp; Manus about US deal. Many Iranian &amp; Somali refugees in Nauru given rejection notices from US. It means US considers the countries banned. Its time for that the Home Affairs minister takes responsibility &amp; makes his plan clear.<a href=";ref_src=twsrc%5Etfw">#Manus</a></p>&mdash; Behrouz Boochani (@BehrouzBoochani) <a href="">May 8, 2018</a></blockquote>

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“I have seen small children so distressed, a 12-year-old girl crying she is a like widow, asking what will happen to her life.”

On neighboring Manus Island, journalist Behrouz Boochani, who is himself part of the refugees, claimed that all Iranians and Somalis were fearful of being rejected: “There is huge worry in Nauru & Manus about US deal.”

“Many Iranian & Somali refugees in Nauru given rejection notices from US. It means US considers the countries banned. It’s time for that the Home Affairs minister takes responsibility & makes his plan clear.”

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Australia is so keen on resettling the refugees from the islands that it is now offering millions of dollars in exchange for any country wishing to house them. Home Affairs Minister Mr Peter Dutton had to admit this week though that there were no “third country” resettlement options. So far, Cambodia has accepted to resettle two refugees, at a cost of $40m.


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kiwi No. 25416 2018-05-08 : 09:04

May I also have a couple for that price please?

Cathy No. 25417 2018-05-08 : 09:21

While its sad on one hand…it is the globalist who started this immigration . they need to go back home. We the people of the USA do not want our country over run with those who seek to harm our citizens

Debi No. 25441 2018-05-08 : 14:48

I agree with Cathy 25417

We do not want them. They believe we are supposed to support them all the days of their life. They believe we owe them. They do not respect our laws, our women, our children, nor our animals [they rape our dogs for God's sake]. They need to go back home to their own LIFESTYLE, which is not American. We want our country back, yesterday!

As for kiwi No 25416, GREED is the reason we have this problem. Obama and Hillary's desire for MONEY MONEY MONEY that they SOLD America to the highest bidder. The whole Iranian deal was about OIL. It was about Obama and Hillary getting their own plots of land where all these people came from It was to RUN them out so the ELITE could move in!

They did not want the somali's nor the iranians there – they are animals in their own right.

This is what Obama and Hillary did to America and it was for GREED. That willingness to do whatever it took to get money in their POCKETS.

Half of Congress is in on this SELL OUT.

When they were done with PAY TO PLAY… this is what the world LOOKED LIKE!

Also, they want the kids for sacrifices and eating. That is another story. Just like the guy said above: A 12 year old was a widow: A willing sex slave for the Elite. There are many of those here in the USA NOW who are receiving $5000.00 a month out of Social Security.

If people really knew the whole truth, they would RAGE!

Democrats R Communist No. 25454 2018-05-08 : 15:50

Democrats along with Republican Collaborators Sold America out to The Globalist Plan. Operation Five Eyes Allowed Foreign Intel Agencies to Spy On Each Others Citizens. Australia and other Nations agreed to take Third world Invaders because they never had any intention of letting them hit their mainland. Instead they would send them to the U.S. as if they were coming from Australia.

These are Not Refugees They are Invaders. Remember the quote from the movie Braveheart " The Problem with Scotland is it has tooo many Scots. If we can't get them out , We'll Breed them out".

These so called "refugees" are pawns being used in the Globalist Plan to Subvert / Destroy Nation Identities and Culture.

They are Invaders because they do NOT ASSIMILATE, They do not want to fit in and accept the culture of the countries they go to. Instead they create Sub Cultures Like Cancer in their host then Spread until they consume that country.

Host Nations do not have enough jobs for their own citizens much less these Invaders. This is not the Industrial age when America needed workers.

After America took in The Last Immigrants through Ellis Island to run our Industrial Age Engine, America CLOSED IMMIGRATION TO AMERICA for the following 40 YEARS, in order for those that we let in to ASSIMILATE.

Countries and their Citizen have a right to refuse anyone who will not ASSIMILATE into their Culture and way of Life.

C R No. 25469 2018-05-08 : 18:35

Australia needs to keep the people they take in. I don't see how that has anything to do with this country. We didn't send them to Australia and we don't want people here without strong vetting.

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