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Georgia - Husband Tried to Decapitate Wife Just Because She Wanted to Move to Florida

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A wife only had a simple wish: to live the rest of her life with her family in Florida. But when she shared her dream with her husband, he killed her instead. He cut her throat with a pocketknife and left her for dead inside their Marietta home.

Donny William Eaton, 65, pleaded guilty to malice murder, felony murder and aggravated assault against his wife, Roxanne Tenore, just as the jury selection was about to start his trial on Monday.

The crime was horrific especially in light of the wife’s good and simple wish. Senior Assistant District Attorney Patricia Hull said in the courtroom: “Donny Eaton took the life of his wife in a gruesome manner, with it appearing that he was attempting to decapitate her, all because she wanted to be closer to her children and grandchildren in Florida to live out the remainder of their lives.”

Eaton admitted that he and his wife had an argument when he learned that she bought a house in Florida. He also confessed in court that he cut his wife’s throat at their Liberty Hill Road home on April 4, 2017.

After murdering his own wife, Eaton drove to his mother’s gravesite in Silver Creek, where he called 911 and confessed to stabbing to death his wife. He then requested the officers to pick him up. Silver Creek is nearly 61 miles north of downtown Atlanta.

Police later found 66-year-old Tenore in a kneeling position, her head resting on a sofa with “countless” knife wounds on her face and neck.

Eaton then turned himself in at the Bartow County Sheriff’s Office where he shared with them the argument he had with his wife that triggered such a deadly attack.

Hull said in court: “He refused to leave their home in Georgia. If he couldn’t have her here with him in Georgia, he didn’t want her children to have her, either.”

It is not clear why Eaton had such strong objections against living in Florida. It is also not established if he is struggling with mental issues that would make him do such an unimaginable cruel act against his own wife.


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Anonymous No. 25471 2018-05-08 : 19:18

Should kicked her butt out the door, not murdered her.

Because the marriage was over the second his wife purchased a house in Florida WITHOUT TELLING HIM.

I guess she either took a trip down there, or the kids helped her out behind Dad's back.

So where did the $$$ come from? Their bank account or did she sell the North GA house out from under him?

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